Here is what you can expect to find at Aldi’s this week.  Please remember that Aldi’s prices are different regionally, so be sure to check out your Weekly Ad.Aldi’s Weekly Ad and start dates for sales are based on the map below.  Prices will change on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday depending on your location on the map. In the Northeast prices Change on Sunday!!

Aldi’s helpful tips

  • Bring your own shopping bags. (Aldi’s will provide bags at a small cost for each) or you can throw everything in the back of your car and organize is when you get home.  (but this can lead to a very messing trunk)
  • Find a QUARTER!!  Shopping carts are locked up and the only way to release them is by inserting a quarter.  You will get your quarter back after returning your cart.
  • Make a list! Aldi’s pretty much covers all the basics that your family will need, however they stock specialty items based on the season.
  • Brand names do exist at Aldi’s, but is very rare.  Aldi’s carries their own brand of products.
  • Bring cash or your debit card to make grocery purchases.  Aldi’s doesn’t accept credit cards for purchases.
  • I prefer to shop at Aldi’s in the morning, when they stock all their fresh produce. I have found in the evening that the produce is picked over and doesn’t look as well from sitting out all day.


Tile Layout List Layout
Bread & Bakery
L'oven Fresh Hot Dog Buns, 12 oz $0.85
Canned Goods & Soups
Casa Mamita Diced Tomatoes With Green Chilies, 10 oz $0.59
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Clancy's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, 13 oz $0.99
Casa Mamita Classic Organic Salsa, 16 oz $1.99
Clancy's CheeseMelt, 32 oz $3.99
Clancy's Kettle Chips, 8.5 oz $1.49
Clancy's Party Mix, 15 oz $1.99 Traditional or Cheddar
Clancy's Pretzel Slims, 8 oz $1.69 Original or Everything
Little Salad Bar Fresh Salsa, 16 oz $1.99
Savoritz Garlic Round Crackers, 12 oz $1.59
Happy Farms Preferred Apple Smoked Gruyere, Gouda or Cheddar, 8 oz $2.99
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 16" Deli Pizza, 30.5 - 49.5 oz $4.99
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 16" Thin Crust Italian Meat Deli Pizza, 29 oz $5.49
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Five Cheese Deli Pizza, 16" $4.49
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Ultimate Meat Deli Pizza, 12" $4.49
Flowers, Decor & Gifts
4" Primrose $0.99 Available Wednesday, 1/18
Frozen Foods
Appetitos Appetizers, 8 - 11 oz $1.49
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Original Crust Pizza, 19.8 - 22.1 oz $1.99
Appetitos Dip, 8.8 oz $2.49 Spinach Artichoke or Buffalo Style Chicken
Appetitos Franks in a Blanket, 7.6 oz $2.99
Appetitos Soft Pretzels, 13 oz $1.99
Bremer or Fit & Active Meatballs, 32 oz $3.99
Cravers Party Wings, 48 oz $4.99
Kirkwood Buffalo Style Zings, 25.5 oz $4.99
Kirkwood Chicken Wings, 28 oz $5.49 Honey BBQ or Buffalo
Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips, 25 oz $4.99 Original or Buffalo
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Dip-N-Strips, 33.5 - 34.5 oz $4.99
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mega Pizza Snacks, 17 oz $2.49
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Pizza Snacks, 20 oz $1.99 Combo or Pepperoni
Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Toasted Ravioli, 16 oz $2.99
Roseland Baby Back Ribs, 24 oz $8.99 Original BBQ or Honey Garlic.
Screamin' Sicilian Pizza, 21.85 - 25.05 oz $5.99 Mambo Italiano or Supremus Maximus.
Meat, Poultry & Fish
Beef, Ground, 85% Lean, Organic, per lb $5.49 100% Grass Fed
Chicken, Thighs, per lb $0.69 Starts Wednesday, 1/18 5 lb average weight
Appleton Farms or Kirkwood Pulled Pork or Chicken, 16 oz $3.49
Beef, Roast, Chuck, per lb $3.49
Beef, Roast, Eye of Round, Boneless, per lb $3.99 Starts Wednesday, 1/18
Kirkwood Never Any! Chicken Breasts, per lb $4.29
Parkview Beef Franks, 15 oz $2.49
Parkview Brats, 14 oz $2.49 Stadium or Smoked
Parkview Bratwurst or Italian Sausage, 19 oz $1.99
Parkview Select Cuts Premium Beef and Blue Cheese Smoked Sausage or Beer Bratwurst, 10 oz $2.99
Pork, Roast, Butt, Boneless, per lb $1.49 Starts Wednesday, 1/18
Bananas, per lb $0.39
Apples, Organic, 3 lb bag $3.99
Little Salad Bar Spinach, 8 oz $1.49
Oranges, Navel, 4 lb bag $1.99
Pineapple, Chiquita, ea $1.29
SimplyNature Organic Chopped Kale, 12 oz $2.49
Little Salad Bar Hummus, 10 oz $1.79
Little Salad Bar Dip, 12 oz $2.99 Spinach Artichoke or Jalapeno Artichoke.
Little Salad Bar Hummus Quartet, 20 oz $3.49
Reading Glasses Assortment $2.99
Crane Therapeutic Fitness Assortment $3.99
Easy Home Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier $14.99
Huntington Home 70" L x 60" W Oversized Sculpted Plush Throw $12.99
Huntington Home Luxury Full/Queen or King Sculpted Blanket $14.99
Huntington Home Luxury Queen or King 400-Thread Count Sheet Set $34.99
Huntington Home Luxury Queen or King Bed Pillow $7.99
Huntington Home Luxury Quilted Queen or King Mattress Pad $29.99
Welby Adjustable Rollator $59.99
Welby Bathtub Safety Rail $19.99
Welby Bed Assist Rail $19.99
Welby Reacher $7.99
Welby Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor $24.99


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