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The items marked with the starare the best deals in my opinion.  Make sure you check off the items that you want on this list, then add your own custom items to make a customized shopping list.

Don’t forget to scan your card at the Magic Coupon Machine for more savings. It is also important to make sure that you print out the CVS Coupon Policy and put it in your coupon binder for reference. I also like to have it on hand when shopping.

New to CVS? Check out our Basic Guide to Shopping at CVS.

This store's match-ups are coming soon!


Deals CVS — 6 Comments

    • HI Karen….. The coupon only allows you a $1 off per three bags of candy or $0.33 off each. If you want 9 bags of candy then you can use (3) $1/3 coupons. Is this what you are asking??? Thank you for leaving a comment

      • the one above listed as:

        Nestle Chocolate Fun Size, 9.78 – 12 oz; Hershey’s Snack Size, 8.8 – 11.6 oz or Twizzlers Twists, 22 oz – $3.00

        says buy 3 use 3

  1. Hi Jen, Thank you for doing all of this. I am confused about some of these and don’t understand how you get some of these numbers and was hoping that you could explain what I am missing. For example…the suave 2/6 or 3.39 each. You said to buy 5 which would be 15.39 and use 2- $3.00 coupons and 1- $1.5 coupon which is $7.50 off of 15.39 is $7.89. How are you getting $1.50 and then .84? I don’t understand the Tresseme either. I’m sorry I am missing something.

    • Hi Kim, Can you do me a favor and do another once over. I believe you may have been under last week’s deal tab and not this week. Sorry if it seemed confusing. I could have very easily have done some math errors.

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