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After making my homemade laundry detergent, which I LOVE, I have been meaning to start making more cleaning products.

Yesterday I had my first opportunity and it came out of pure laziness.  I ran out of window cleaner. EEEKKK!!!  What was a girl to do with all those tiny grease kid finger prints staring at me on the back door?

(LOL, Not my kid, but had to share. Image Credit: www.funny2k.com)

I was lucky enough that my hubby took the kids out yesterday. That is when I turned my kitchen into a non-toxic scientific window cleaning lab.  I didn’t start this little chemistry project without a starting point.  I am apart of a great frugal living group that has given me a lot of useful tips (Thanks to all my friends on Living Frugally for the help).

first attempt

I used half water and half vinegar and made a small batch.  Holy Vinegar!!!  My nasal passages have been officially cleared.  My windows are a little cleaner thanks to putting in some extra elbow grease.   I felt like I was spraying plain old, now stinky water on the back window.  It didn’t evaporate that well at all.

Second Attempt

This time I thought, I would cut out some of the vinegar and add rubbing alcohol to the mix in hopes that it would help with the evaporation time and less elbow grease. I added equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol.  I tested it and guess what TOTALLY on the right path and the smell not as bad.

Third and final Attempt

I love that the third time was the charm.  This might seem crazy, but I pulled out cornstarch.  I added this to my mixture.  WOW!!!!!  Much, Much better. Why on earth would I think cornstarch?  The kids and I play with it making all kinds of gooey projects and I thought maybe it would help with evaporation and clean the window better.  I didn’t add a lot.  I didn’t want to clog the spray bottle or better yet have smelly kid goo in my window cleaner bottle.

This is the closest to store-bought without adding ammonia, which I really did not want to do (plus I didn’t have any in the house). I made enough to fill one 32 oz bottle and tripled the recipe to fill another container.  This way I don’t have to repeat this process for a while (not that it was hard just being lazy again).

The Mixture/Recipe-COST

3 cups warm water (FREE, oh whatever you pay for your water bill)
1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch (around 6 cents)
1/3 cup rubbing alcohol (18 cents for 3 oz)
1/3 cup vinegar (3 cents for 3 oz)

Mix all ingredients together making sure you mix the cornstarch in the warm water. Mix well, VIOLA.  Only downfall you will have to shake the bottle prior to every use. No big deal.

Total Cost for 1 bottle=$0.27

(and the satisfaction of not having to run out to the store to buy it)

Or a bottle of Store Brand window Cleaner $2.00 (PC Brand, 32 oz)
Total Savings $1.73 or 86% for non-toxic homemade window cleaner.

  • Stephenie

    Well non toxic isn’t quite right. If the kids drank it they’d get drunk off the isopropyl alcohol. A large amount could depress the CNS. (I know this from calling poison control after Rollie drank some rubbing alcohol!) but it’s definitely LESS toxic than ammonia. So really you’ve got homemade minimumally toxic, possibly intoxicating window cleaner. Which is still a win!!

    • True Steph!!! However, you would need to drink at least 8 oz of pure rubbing alcohol for it to be near toxic. I used 3 oz in 32 oz. You would have to drink a quite a bit of this stuff for it to be considered completely toxic. If sprayed around kids and pets no harm will be done. It is safe. So as a side note; like any cleaning product KEEP locked away from kids.