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Over the last six months, I have had many questions regarding what coupons Price Chopper Stores accepts as competitor coupon. More recently, I have run into problems myself. They key to using competitor coupons is simple once you understand the policy. I have been corresponding with Price Chopper’s Corporate division and my own store in order to ensure clarification.

First, let me say that competitor coupons will be accepted regionally based on your store’s location and surrounding competing stores. Please also, keep in mind that Price Chopper also has the right to refuse and accept these coupons. If you have question regarding a rejected coupon, please ask to speak with the manager. The store manager is in charge of accepting or denying use of a particular coupon.

How Many Competitor Coupons Can I Use?

Rule of thumb; There is no cap to how many coupons can be used in one transaction. However, up to FOUR “like” coupons for a particular item can be used.

Example: You want purchase (5) Dawn Dish detergents ( in different varieties) and you have (5) Competitor coupons for $0.50/1 Dawn. Price Chopper will accept ONLY (4) Coupons even if you purchased different varieties of Dawn.

Will Price Chopper Accept Pharmacy Coupons?

NO! They will not take coupons produced from CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens,etc. They do not consider any pharmacy a competing grocery store.

Can you Stack a Competitor Coupon with Price Chopper Store Coupon?

NO, Price Chopper does not accept  “Stacking” or combining store coupons, manufacturer coupon with a competitor coupon on one item. The reason  for this is Price Chopper considers any competior coupon similar to a store coupon.

However, if you are purchasing TWO like items, then YES, you can use ONE competitor coupon and ONE manufacturer coupon or store coupon. You just can’t combine or stack coupons on ONE item.

Will Price Chopper Accept Mobile Competitor Coupon?

Price Chopper will not accept digital or mobile coupons. They cannot keep record or accountability of these particular coupons.

Will Price Chopper Accept Other Stores Catalina Coupon?

Catalina coupons are coupons produced at the register at check out. Catalina is the brand name of the machine that produces the check out coupons. These are not the coupons that print out at the end of your recipe.

For example: I get coupons that print out on my recipe at CVS. Those type of coupons can only be used with that store’s loyalty card and again will not be accepted.

Okay, so to answer this question now: The answer is YES!!! Even if your Catalina coupon states “ get $4 off your next purchase”. Price Chopper will take exactly what the coupon states “$4 off your purchase”

Catalina coupons are not considered attached  loyalty card programs.

What about those Competitor coupons that state: “$5 off of $25 or more”?

Price Chopper will accept only ONE of these dollar off amount coupons per transaction, whether it be a competitor or Price Chopper store coupon.  They will also follow the rules or fine print written on that particular coupon.

Example: Shoprite Coupon for $5 off of $25 states coupon can be used after all discounts”. Price Chopper will ONLY apply this coupon if your total is $25 or more after Advantage Card Savings and Coupons have been applied.

Does Price Chopper Accept Warehouse Club Coupons?

It is written in their policy that they do  accept club store coupon that state exact size and quantity. They do not accept dollar off club amount coupons.

My store does not accept these particular coupons. As per their policy store manager has the right to refuse any competitor coupons.

Now that you know their policy, it is important to use the competitor coupon as it is intended. It is a violation to use any coupon not for its intended use.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask or comment below. As always feel free to also ask at Customer Service or your front end supervisor/ manager  regarding competitor coupons accepted.