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Need some great ideas to reuse your old newspapers. Just don't toss them yet

10 Fun Ways to Reuse Old Newspapers

Each week, we tear through our Newspapers looking for coupons, flyers and in my husband case the sports page. Of coarse most of it ends up in our recycle bin, but we also reuse old newspapers for things around the house. We go through more newspaper during the winter (love out fireplace).

But did you know there are many other useful ways to use your newspaper? Before you send the funny pages — and every other section — to that big paper pile in the sky, consider using it for something else

No need to worry most of these ideas are not craft related at all.

Clean Your Windows & Mirrors

My Grandmother actually taught me this trick. It is pretty amazing. Crumb your newspaper up and wipe down your windows. (after spraying your cleaner on it). Be prepared for streak free windows & Mirrors. What I love no little fibers are left behind, which is what you get when you use paper towels. Try it out.

Wrap Presents

Have a birthday coming up? Use the comic section of the newspaper for a really fun and different way to wrap your presents. This works out well in a pinch.


Use it to start start your camp fire or your cozy fireplace fire. Don’t use to much or you will have flying paper. If you have used, I know you can relate.



Storing away fragile items. Use newspaper. I moved quite a bit growing up. (Military Brat). We got really good at moving. I also store and pack away my seasonal items in newspapers. Newspaper is a lot lighter than bubble wrap, which helps on shipping costs as well.  Just make sure when packaging  that all items are wrapped tightly so there’s no opportunity for movement during transit.

Ripen Tomatoes

Soon the weather will be cooling down and many unripe tomatoes will be left on your plants. Harvest them, wrap them in newspaper, place in a cool dark place and watch them ripen.

Catch Leaks From Your Car

Place layers if newspaper on your garage floor to protect oil stains. We are currently using this menthod right now. My hubby’s car is leaking power steering fluid. No Worries his car is scheduled to meet the car doctor soon. ha ha 🙂

In The Garden

Before placing down fresh mulch, line your garden in newspaper to remove unwanted weeds. Just an FYI, this typically only lasts a season and will have to be replaced every year. The newspaper will smother the problematic weeds.

Make Crafts

We love crafts at our house. The kids also love to make bowls from a balloons and paper mache. We also make HUGE newspaper hats. They don’t last very long, but the kids love them. Plus I have seen very crafty people turn newspaper into flowers, baskets and more.


Use newspaper to line the bottom of your trash can or kitty litter box. Newspaper helps control odor. You can do the same thing at the bottom of your veggie draw in the fridge. If you spill something, just remove the paper and toss it out or recycle it. Simple!

Decorative Stuffing

Place your newspaper or even old wrapping paper in your paper shredded for a really fun way to dress up your presents.

HOW do you reuse your newspaper??


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