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Save time in the kitchen by prepping ahead some of these grocery items by freezing them. Check out these 10 Grocery Items You Can Freeze

Save time in the kitchen by prepping ahead some of these grocery items by freezing them. Check out these 10 Grocery Items You Can Freeze

10 Grocery Items You Never Knew You Could Freeze

There are many foods we freeze all the time and don’t think about, but did you know there are a lot of unusual grocery items you can freeze? Maybe you know a few of these, but hopefully some are new to you and will help you save your food (or stock up with sale items!)

Freezing is by far my favorite way to preserve foods. It’s incredibly efficient, and eliminates SO much waste! It also makes meal time that much easier. You can have many items prepped and ready to go straight from your freezer. This alone can help cut your kitchen time down by half on busy weeknights.

Grocery Items You Can Freeze


You can freeze bananas with the peel on. They are not good to eat later, but unthaw them and use for smoothies or banana bread. Or Just toss them in the food processor frozen to make banana Ice Cream.


If you stock up on butter but don’t want it to expire, consider freezing it. It will be good as new when you need to take out a stick for baking or cooking.


You can freeze cheese, but keep in mind it will not slice well after being thawed. If you want shredded cheese, do the grating before freezing. Frozen cheese will crumble apart when thawed, so it is great for cooking or baking into casseroles.


While you may have a little change in the texture with frozen biscuit or cookie dough, it is very convenient. Make a big batch of dough up on a rainy day and then have fresh cookies for the kids after school!


Garlic can get moldy if you keep it fresh, depending on the climate where you live. Freezing garlic solves that problem. Just divide the garlic into cloves, and don’t remove the skin. It may look slightly different once you thaw it, but still tastes great in any dish you are cooking.

Leftover Wine

If you like a little wine to drink, but always have leftover wine in the bottle, freeze it to use later in cooking! Just put the wine in ice cube trays and voila! You can add a little flavor to your recipe that calls for wine.


You can actually freeze flour and grains (like oats). It is recommended to freeze in smaller batches, since you want to use these items quickly once they are thawed.


You can freeze yogurt that may be expiring to save it. While you won’t want to eat it later, you can use for sauces and dips.

Tomato Paste

Always have leftover tomato paste in the can? Most recipes only call for a small amount, and the rest usually gets thrown out. If you have a favorite recipe that uses tomato paste, freeze the leftovers in that increment (say 1 or 2 tablespoons in each freezer container)


If you don’t want to waste milk, try freezing it. It will keep up to three months in the freezer. The texture changes slightly when thawed, but it can still be consumed. Just thaw in the refrigerator and shake well before using.


Okay, well maybe this acticle states 10, but over the years I have been freezing my fresh berries that we pick wild from our yard. To freeze berries wash them thoroughly, dry them ggentlyand place on cookie sheet. Freeze then place in plastic storage bag.

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