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Don't miss our list of 10 Dollar Tree Deals To Avoid! There are some items that aren't as great a deal and we are going to bust that myth so you aren't wasting money!

10 Dollar Tree Deals To Avoid

Dollar Tree is fantastic store for finding deals. However, there are some Dollar Tree deals you should avoid.  It can also be a huge money pit if you let it be. If you were honest, you would admit that you have walked in just to pick up a few items with all intentions of  spending a few bucks. After checking out (face palm to forehead) you just over spent. 

It is VERY easy to do. We have all been subjected to impulse buying, especially on what seem like great Dollar Tree deals. Don’t beat yourself up too much if it happens. To keep it from happening, you need to learn which items to skip and which to buy. These 10 items listed below are on the items to skip at Dollar Tree list.

Avoid Buying Canned Vegetables

SKIP…. Think about it. You will be paying a dollar per can. When in fact you can go to the grocery store and pay as little as fifty cents per can or less with a sale. Even regular grocery prices still tend to be less than Dollar Tree deals on some items. 

Avoid Buying Paper Towels 

At a dollar per single roll, it is much more budget friendly to wait for a sale paired with a coupon. At times, I have walked out of the store grabbing paper towels for free. Even without a coupon, the right deal at the right store can take your out of pocket cost down to as little as forty-four cents per single roll.

Dollar Tree items to avoid buying - Mac & Cheese

Avoid Buying Mac and Cheese

While Dollar Tree obviously offers bargain basement prices, Mac & Cheese is often cheaper when they’re on sale or sold at the grocery store. In fact, you can purchase organic mac & cheese for dollar or less. Don’t forget to use that coupon! 

Avoid Buying Aluminum Foil

While it might seem like an awesome deal to grab dollar a box? In reality, you’re getting a much thinner piece of foil. The problem is that the foil is not only cheaper, but it is thinner.  I can promise you that you will end up using much more than you normally would. When you use more, you buy more…and the cycle of wasting money starts.

Avoid Buying Laundry Detergent

Cheap laundry detergent is another of the hot Dollar Tree deals that seem like good ones, but in reality, they aren’t. If you’re buying the generic, it’s typically very low quality and if you’re buying a brand name, you can get a better deal per ounce at a regular store with a coupon.

Avoid Buying Dog or Cat Food

While dog and cat treats can be a good deal at Dollar Tree (versus a non-deal price at another store), steer clear of the actual pet food? Why? It may be cheap, but unfortunately, it is mostly made of filler content and isn’t nutritionally good for your pets.

Dollar Tree items to avoid buying - Spic N Span

Avoid Buying Spic ‘N Span

That green cleaner in a spray bottle might be the most awesome thing you’ve ever cleaned with, but skip it at Dollar Tree and buy it at Walmart. It is a few pennies cheaper and we all know that those pennies add up over time.

Avoid Buying Bar Soap

Most of the Dollar Tree bar soap packages are only 2 count bars. This means that you’re paying fifty cents per bar. Save yourself some money and grab the larger packs on sale and with a coupon. 

Avoid Buying Deodorant

Another example where the price per ounce really matters. When you purchase your deodorant at Dollar Tree you will end up with a size around one ounce. Why would you pay a dollar per ounce? Again, another store with a coupon is your best bet for savings

Avoid Buying Razors

Finally, don’t pick up your shaving gear at Dollar Tree. Aside from the fact, that they only sell those horrid two blade razors, you can pick up the cheaper version at Walmart. For more expensive razors, shop at your local drug stores when there is a coupon and a deal to go with them.

While there are a lot of other items that you should not buy at Dollar Tree, there are plenty that you should. Do your price research, pay close attention to the price per ounce and watch your spending. Once you get into the habit of it, you will soon be using Dollar Tree for what it should be used for. The occasional deal on a great product.  Shop your local Dollar Tree deals wisely to save more money in your budget instead of spending needlessly.

*At Dollar Tree, you can use manufacturer’s coupons to increased savings! Plus, they accept coupons for over a dollar on multiple items as long as the coupon amount does not exceed the combined retail price of the items indicated. Be sure to print the store’s coupon policy and bring it with you while shopping.

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  1. You might want to add bleach to your list. We have found at some dollar stores the bleach is really diluted to a very weak bleach to water ratio. We stick to Walmart for that also.

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