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Playing the latest trending game of Pokeman Go can help establish a better relationship with your kids. Read why here

7 Benefits of Playing Pokémon GO With Your Kids

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Pokémon GO is the newest viral thing sweeping the world. Many older people are loving the nostalgic feel that comes with it because it makes them think back to their childhood and it is also very popular among people who may have never even heard of Pokémon before. There are so many awesome things about this game and one of them is it is a really great way to connect with your children, here are 7 benefits of playing Pokémon GO with your kids.The benefits of playing Pokeman Go with your kids


Communication with parents has become an awkward thing that kids seem to be allergic to, it just makes them feel uncomfortable. Not anymore, though, take your kid out to play Pokémon GO and in between finding Pokémon it gives you a chance to have a little side by side chat with them, about how their day was or maybe even just about the game itself. Them being sort of distracted with the game makes conversing much less uncomfortable.


Not only is this good for you but also your kid. This game is unlike any other because it requires you to get out and walk around. Forget a Fitbit all you need is Pokémon GO and your kid. Your kid is going to want to go out every day so it is almost like having a routine exercise but with just a little twist of playing a game at the same time.


While playing the game you will be blown away by the things around your local area you may have never known existed. Which this is great because learning about new things is great for your kid and learning about it with your child is sort of a bonding thing that only learning situations like this allow.

Common Interest

It is always a good thing to have common interests with your child this will keep you and your child close. It’s something that both you and your kid can get excited about, not just something that one of you is excited about and the other not so much which can cause a rift.

Mental Health

This game gets you outside which is a major thing for mental health but it also puts us into social situations to where other people who are playing are all over and converse with you, this is great for your kid to learn how to converse with others and maybe even make friends and same goes for you!


Who doesn’t love exploring? This game lets you explore A LOT! and it is a great thing because exploring together with your kid and venturing into new unexplored places can create a really special bond that other situations can’t. This is the time to sneak in some parenting wisdom that you kids may not other wise listen too.

Stops Arguments

Usually, you would be telling your kid to put the phone or iPod away but with this game, you will be begging to get the phone out and go out to find some Pokémon. This creates less of a stressful environment between you and your kids.


By playing this game with your child you will start to enter their domain. It gives you access, insight, and understanding into their “technological” world. This way there is no big divide, you are both on the same level.

Technology continues to advance every day and sometimes it doesn’t seem so good but so far this game has been great, it is changing the gaming world. Just reading about these 7 benefits of playing Pokémon GO with your kids should make you realize how great this game is and what it can do. Plus, you can really get involved and order these Plastic Super Pokemon Figures Balls. What a neat surprise for your kiddos to have as a memento!

Can you think of any other benefits there may be for playing Pokémon Go with your kids? Have you tried playing Pokémon GO yet? Share in the comments!

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Pokemon Go is a favorite game to millions of people and for many great reasons. Playing this trending game with your kids includes so many great benefits.


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