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Nothing Says Fall then crafting up your own word letters to place in your home. Check out these adorable altered wood block letters.

If you want to bring a sense of welcome to your own home, there is nothing that does so quite as well as a welcoming wood block phrases. It can carry nearly any message or image you desire, and is probably the simplest of all wood crafts. However, despite being so simple, it can have a great deal of impact on your home, particularly if you choose a message that has a special meaning to you and your family.

Homemade Fall Decoration: Altered Wood Block Letters

altered wood blocks

I made these wood blocks with altered letters last year.  They were quite easy. You can use any word or phrase. I choose “Fall” for this project. You can of coarse choose your own words of inspiration.

Altered Wood Block Letters Directions

The great thing about this project is it’s not perfect, nor is it suppose to be.  The first thing you will need for your project is wood.  I cut 4 pieces of  1″ x 4″ wood.  I purposely cut them at different lengths.  Be sure the pieces you cut is large enough to hold the message you intend to use. If you look close in the picture you will notice the size differences.

Once you have your pieces cut out, sand the front surfaces smooth (this is particularly important, because your painting will look rather odd if the surface is not fairly smooth.)  Next, give them a fresh coating of paint.  I used brown.

When your pieces are dry, your ready for the next step.  I used a random remit piece of brown fabric I had.  I cut them to appropriate size (matching the wood pieces to my fabric pieces).  I used spay adhesive to make the connection.  I applied to fabric piece only to the front of each board.

To make the letters you can cut them using a cricut machine or trace them yourself. I own a cricut expression cutting machine. For me, the next step, was pretty simple, I just picked out the paper and font I wanted and let the machine do its work.

Before, attaching the letters to my fabric covered board, I distressed them by using a distressing knife (if you don’t have you can use anything that will leave impressions on your block). Then embellished them using die cuts and brads. I let them dry over night and VIOLA.  A very simple and inexpensive project to bright your home.

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