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When you’re first learning the ropes of using coupons, it can seem like you’re learning a foreign language. Learn the Coupon Lingo

When you're first learning the ropes of using coupons, it can seem like you're learning a foreign language. Learn the Coupon Lingo

Coupon Lingo – What Do All Those Abbreviations Mean

Often when you start a new job venture, it is imperative that you pick up the language associated with that position. Couponing, in that sense is very similar. To become a savings whiz it is imperative that you pick up the Coupon Lingo. I consider it my job to help save my family money (and I know you do too).

By familiarizing yourself to the nuance of the coupon lingo will help you understand store policies, correct use of coupons, where to find valuable coupon and most important get you on the right track to savings.

Below is a quick reference guide to the most popular words used in the world of couponing. You can read more terms and abbreviations from our coupon glossary.Learn how to become a savings Whiz, plus get some insider tips to saving more at the grocery store by knowing the coupon lingo

Become A Savings Whiz By Knowing The Coupon Lingo, Plus Insider Tips!

Blinkies: Coupons that are dispensed from small machine  found within the aisles of the grocery store.

Insider Tip: You usually cannot double  blinkies and most will state “DND” on the coupon. Always make sure you check the fine print. To be sure, refer to the bar code. If it starts with a 9, you can redeem it for only the face value listed on the coupon. If it starts with a “5” it will double.

Doubling: Getting twice the face value of the coupon deducted from the price of a specific item.

 Insider Tip: Most stores that allow double couponing, like Price Chopper or ShopRite will double up to a certain value (i.e. double up to $0.99). Other stores may only doubled coupon on specific days (slow shopping days) or during special promotions offered to their members, such as K-Mart.

Catalinas: Coupons that are print out at the register from a separate machine at check out. These coupons are usually dispensed based on consumer spending habits. You will notice that you will receive a Catalina coupon for items you’ve already purchased.

Insider  Tip: Catalina coupons often can be “rolled”. Meaning it can be used immediately on a product that can in fact generate another Catalina coupon. The BEST Catalina coupons are those that offer and dollar amount off your entire bill, rather than on a specific item. Catalina coupons often expire quickly.

Peelies: Coupons that are attached to the outside of product. Peelie coupons may require you to purchase additional items to receive the intended discount.

Insider Tip: Peelie coupons can often be used on the same brand, but on different sizes or varieties. Again, just read the fine print. Please note that taking peelies directly off product packaging when you will not be purchasing is considered stealing. That coupon was placed by the manufacture for purchase of that product “now”. The verbiage that you will see written on that coupon.

Stacking: Using multiple coupons on one item. Most grocery stres  allow the consumers to use one store coupon and one manufacture coupon on ONE item.

Insider Tip: Stacking coupons with an item already on sale at the store, that will double the coupon offer can often lead in getting item for free.

Tear Pads:  These are pads of coupons that can be found hanging from the shelves at the grocery store.

Insider Tip: These coupons are generated from manufactures and can often be found not only on the shelves of the store, but the freezer doors or the front edge of the diary case (at knee level).

Couponing is a fun way to save extra money each week on the items listed on your grocery list. Being familiar with the language or coupon lingo will better help you understand website’s geared toward couponing (Like Inspiring Savings) Are you ready to organize your coupons now that you know the language? Here is a cute little organizer I found. 

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