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Couponing is incredibly popular these days. In fact, it is the easiest ways to save money.  Everyone is searching out ways to find the best deals. Not only can couponing help your family help with your grocery budget, but it can help others as well.

The first gesture of impacting our community starts with one little piece of paper; the coupon. This coupon signals a savings response and a willingness to give. In fact, we all want to give, but providing for our family’s needs often come first. Saving money can help provides the needs of daily living to one’s own family and benefits other families as well.

What are some of the benefits that coupons have, and how do these benefits, positively impact the lives of others?


Sense of Accomplishment
Many people get a great deal of joy out of couponing. They love knowing that while the rest of the population may have paid full price for an item, they have paid only 25 or 50 percent of the total price. Helping save for their families needs and priorities is a big accomplishment. Being able to be financially responsible and shifty budgeting strategies is always a win/win.

The Saving Benefit
Everyone knows that it can be really hard to save for big items. Whether you want to buy a new house or a new car, you need to have a significant amount of money to do so. Even though you have a savings account that you try to put a certain amount of money in each month, you tend to fall short. However, coupons really help out with that. Let’s say you had originally planned to spend $200 on groceries this week, but coupons bring it down to $50. Now, you can take that extra $150, and put it in your savings account.

Teaching Children
Showing children the value of money, especially before they are old enough to have their own jobs  is a trying task. Through the use of coupons, you can begin to teach them. For example, younger children can help you browse through the weekly circular sales ad and find corresponding coupons for that specific item. When you send older children to the store, send them with a packet of coupons to use for the purchases. Explain how if they are saving up for an item, it will be easier to do if they consider the use of coupons. As a result, children and teenagers may become more frugal with their money. They also will understand the value on money.

Coupons are Available
Sometimes, it’s easy to reach a goal one day, but fall short the next. Coupons are so readily available that people are almost always able to keep up with their efforts. Even if they are shopping online, finding a coupon is as simple as typing in the name of the store followed by the phrase “coupons” or “coupon codes.” If you are not sure where to find coupons for a physical shop, just search online. Many people are really invested in couponing. In fact, some online communities exist where people just get together to discuss all of the incredible deals they have found. (Like on Inspiring Savings)

Giving Back 
One of my favorite things about couponing is being about to save my family money, but more importantly is also allows my family to give back to our community. Items that we find, that are relatively inexpensive or even free we buy and then donate to a family in need. More recently we have taken on the task of filling hunger boxes for children in need over winter break. Those box can easily cost $50 to fill, but with the use of coupons we have spent between $15-25 dollars.  Which gives us an opportunity to fill more hunger boxes with food. I have also had the pleasure to help support an entire schools giving back by filling Captain’s Food Pantry. We did it all with parent/community support and couponing.

When people make the decision to start using coupons and to stop paying full price for many items, they are going to notice significant changes. They will have more money saved up, and they will feel better about their accomplishments. In turn, they will want to show others how to coupon, save money and give back to their community.


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