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Can You Save On Prescription Drugs? Yes You Can!

Eventually all of us need to go to a doctor. Without a doubt, depending on how old we really are, he or she will prescribe some kind of medication to us. Whether a diabetic, or someone who can’t keep our blood pressure under control, medication can be a real challenge to find at a reasonable price. Even those of us with insurance find that the copay can be rather large and wonder why we even have coverage. However their can be another way to find cheaper ways to save on prescription drugs other than just insurance.

Many pharmacies, including grocery stores have some kind of program for discounted prescriptions. For an example, Walmart grocery store has a generic drug program that will allow anyone, with or without insurance, access to over 400 drugs at a price of 4 dollars a refill (view list here). Three months supplies for these same prescriptions are could cost an upwards of 50 dollars or more. This is much cheaper than a lot of insurance programs that want at least 10 bucks a month for basic generic pills. If you are someone who needs half a dozen of these prescriptions filled, you can imagine the savings you will have by going this route, as opposed to going to big pharmacies with also big prices. Check around your local area for some stores that participate in this. For some reason, it seems some of the best prices and ways to save on prescription drugs, come from grocery store chain pharmacies.

If you are unfortunate enough to need some of the newer, very expensive pills there is also a way to save on prescription drugs for those as well. You just ask them for a discount. You can literally go to the manufacturers website to request a discount card. For an example if you need to get a prescription filled for Lyrica, you can go to lyrica.com. Then go to the Lyrica answers area, and request a discount card that will cover (depending on your insurance with this one) everything up to a $25 dollar copay. That’s pretty good considering this pill can run you 60 dollars or more with insurance! Other big cost pills, such as Uloric for gout, also have discount cards on their website. Always do a little research if you can before filling your prescription. It never hurts to ask your doctor as well. They understand that everyone is on a budget.

We all pay so much for health care. Whether insured or not. It really pays you to do a little research to find what you need, so you can save on prescription drugs and are not always paying top dollar.


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