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We use coupons to help save our family money? But what about those who use coupons to commit fraud? I have been couponing for 6 years and in that long length of time, I have seen numerous changes. Changes made to store policies and even changes from the manufactures themselves in hopes to eliminate fraudulent coupon use.

Today, more then ever people are realizing the impact that couponing can make on your grocery bill, in turn giving you more money in your wallet to use on other bills or put into a savings account. It seems these days, that no matter the circumstance there are those who always “want more”.

What happens then? We all get penalized. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, but the justice to serving those who are committing the fraud is served by across the board changes.  Who really gets hurt in the end?

Please watch this short video from FOX 13 News!

Using coupons is a way of life for my family. It is how we meet our monthly budget. I am sadden that now the manufactures will be taking matters into their own hands (AGAIN) by eliminating coupons to us each month. At the same time, I pray and hope that those committing the act of fraud, come to terms with the fact that their selfish ways are hurting those who are trying to support their families.

I get that those people may justify what they are performing as an “unselfish act” to help their families saves as well. That fact of the matter is we are all given the same opportunities, lets use them wisely.

If I seem angry, I AM and I hope that you are too. What are your thoughts?

Please note: These changes are not (As I know) occurring in Upstate New York Region, but is the Southeast. We could be next!


More Changes to Occur Due to Misuse of Coupons! — 2 Comments

  1. I am very angry and upset over this as well. I’m trying my best to stockpile as much as I can before our area gets hit by this. 🙁

    • I am mad too. I am hoping that we don’t see this penalty. But more reason why stores are going digital. Limit coupon use (which stinks, it is a one time use), protect the stores and customers from fraud. I know when I first started I made some rookie mistakes. We all do. But to continue that pratice after you realize it is wrong is FRAUD and not a mistake. ERG!!!!! Here I go again Italia! 🙂

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