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It’s a pretty hot topic on couponing blogs. Learning how to coupon is easy. Couponing with integrity is another story. Learn how this works.
It's a pretty hot topic on couponing blogs. Learning how to coupon is easy. Couponing with integrity is another story. Learn how this works.

Often times there are those who grocery shop with coupons and repeatedly  misuse coupons with full knowledge that they are doing so.  I have to wonder why this continues to happen. I have heard the excuses; “I need to save my family money”, “it is only fifty cents”, “really it is no big deal”  or “no one cares about me using one or two coupons wrongly”.  But the question stands firm “Is your integrity worth misusing a coupon for $0.50?”

Couponing With Integrity – What It Is All About

It goes without saying that many abuse the rights we have as couponers and continually make up excuses in order for them to feel better about why they are doing it. Small decisions that may seem harmless eventually faultier in the end.  Manufacturers are taking actions on misuse and the ones who get hurt in the end are those who are doing it correctly. WHY? Because we all get penalized.

A few summers ago (2014) manufacturers became aware of the continued misuse of coupons and selling of items that were purchased with coupons in select areas of Florida. The problem, which may have seemed harmless in the beginning irrupted to a much larger scale problem. The actions that took place were the removal of all Red Plum coupon inserts from all newspapers. You can read the more about this situation here.  

It is the reality that we live in. Your integrity not only exists in correct usage of coupons, but in all aspects of your life. Your children see your actions. Small bad decisions can leave you with a much bigger problem than you think. Is this the example you want to be for your kids? After I had my children, my life changed (as it does for all of us). We want to raise our kids to the best of our ability and to show them right from wrong.  I don’t want my kids thinking that they can make “not the best” decisions and feel it is okay. Just because it is a small bad decision, doesn’t mean it will not lead to a bigger issue. All small decisions can eventually lead into a much bigger problem.

Again I ask: Is your integrity worth $0.50? As a Christian I realize one proven fact, I am not perfect and neither are you.  But we should all live to have a good reputation.  The decisions you make are yours to choose, but your integrity is your legacy.  Your children, your family and friends know your heart as much as God does and your actions show them who you are as a person. Are you willing to choose a bad decision when what you already know is not the right thing to do?

Remember the bible tells us “It is a sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it” – James 4:17

Then How Do I Know The Right Way To Coupon?

If you are a beginner there are many great resources for you on Inspiring Savings.  I encourage you to read “Couponing 101”. This is where you will learn the ins & outs to couponing.  If you are an expert I encourage you to help those around you to do what is right. Stand up to those who are abusing the system. I know it isn’t easy.

“Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shinning like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people” – Philippians 2:15

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