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jen from inspiring savings. Kindness is my jam. Daily Reminders of Inspiration

Daily Reminders of Inspiration

Daily reminders of inspiration are often tough to come by. Keeping yourself motivated and not dwelling on the negative aspects of life are even harder.  Many do not know my personal story about why and how I started blogging. It all started for the love of helping others. I could have kept all my frugally inspired thoughts to myself, but I just couldn’t do that. I had to spread the word and help others.

This is why I went through nursing school many moons ago. My life over the course of eight years has been a roller coaster of events. I went from having babies, working full time, a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer, and two rounds of radioactive treatment to starting my own blog. AND yet, through all of that I Praised God.  Without having had cancer, I know without a doubt that I would never have started InspiringSavings.com. The treatments gave me the opportunity to work on starting a website. Both times, I was alone and quarantined for seven days. I had to be at least 10 feet way from people at all times. I will save you from the details of my quarantine.

kindness is my jam. It is all that I stand for. I love showing God's love to others

I spent a lot of my time praying for myself and others. Finding that God allowed this hiccup in my life to continue his work through me by helping others. I know and believe this is my gift. I always say; “Kindness is my Jam“.

Tribe Necklaces Wear Your Positivity

Do you have a life phrase that keeps you going? Maybe it reminds you of why you look for the best out of life and not the negative. Do you consider yourself fearless, a warrior, or are you ready to take off and “Fly” into this great world of ours?


Looking to wear your Daily Inspiration of Positivity? I wear mine all the time. You can pick up these necklaces at any point, but this weekend Cents of Style is offering a wonderful promotion. By using the coupon code TRIBE4 at check out it will make their newest line of  Tribe Necklaces only $11.99 each, with FREE SHIPPING!

Go ahead and share your POSITIVITY with the world.

Call to Action

I must share this deal and story with all of you because “Kindness is My Jam”


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