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How to Shop during ShopRite's Triple Coupon Event

Don’t Waste Your Time! Get The Facts on ShopRite’s Triple Coupon Event!!

Tripling coupons for ShopRite grocery stores in the Capital District is not a new occurrence. In fact, they have been offering this promotion since the inception of their first store in our area (roughly 4 years now).

Whether this is your first time or tenth time shopping the triple coupon event it is important to recognize some KEY factors that will help you succeed in savings.  The grocery store can be a tricky place. I hope that my tips can help you prep for this big week of savings.

ShopRite’s Triple Coupon Event – MY Top Tips

  1. The first step to saving money is to get organized. Prepping ahead of time and not sorting your coupons at the store will help you save time and money. While, it may seem easier to bring all your coupons with you;  sorting and organizing your deals in the grocery isle this is by far one of the most time consuming habits you could do.
  2.  Do all the work at home.  Prep and organize your coupons before hand can make shopping a lot easier. I like to pull up my coupon match-ups for ShopRite, the coupon database, and the Shop from Home website. I search out all the deals I have posted, plus much more in a matter of hours. I stack my coupons in piles based on transactions I would like to do. I often bring in extra coupons into the store anticipating that some items will be out of stock.
  3. If you are not sure of a price; look it up! You can search prices on any item the store will have in stock by search your stores local Shop From Home site. I actually have this page bookmarked.
  4. KNOW your PRICES! Just because it is triple coupons week doesn’t mean you will always get a great deal. I have often seen better prices on certain items when they are truly on sale and with double coupons. Don’t go crazy thinking I have a $0.75 coupon that is burning a whole in your pocket. Make sure it is a price you are willing to pay.
  5. Don’t GO over your budget! ShopRite often runs triple coupon events. This will not be the last. Just like knowing your prices are important, also recognizing your budget is too. Set a budget of what you would like to spend this week. You can wreck a budget very easily when a good deal it to be had. Know what your family will need, stock up and stick with your budget.
  6. Make sure you are shopping with a list! Don’t just walk into the store with a stack of coupons. Make a list. I would suggest making your list based on your store layout. Produce, Deli, Meat & Seafood, Grocery, etc. It will make shopping faster.
  7. Watch the cash register as your food sails down the moving belt. It is estimated that up to $2.5 billion per year is made in scanning errors. If you don’t have time or can view the cashier at check out head to your car and review your list and what you have purchased.  With this said, make sure you had your cashier your Price Plus card right away to ensure your coupons triple.

The prices of grocery items are on the rise. But with a little effort and some homework, you can still purchase the groceries you need while staying within your budget.

TRIPLE COUPONS ShopRite Guideline

  • Will Triple any Manufacture coupon up to $0.99
  • ShopRite will only accept 2 like coupons in one transaction
  • Must use Price Plus Card
  • ShopRite will not issue overage if  ”triple” coupon exceeds price
  • Will not Triple any coupon that states “Do not Double or Triple”
  • Will triple first 10 coupons (this has been 20 in the past, BUMMED)


Don’t forget to visit the following pages to print your coupons: Coupons.com, Red Plum, Smart Source and Hopster. Plus if you are searching for other coupons to match please check out our COUPON DATABASE

Want to print more PRINTABLE Coupons? I bet you already know that you can only print 2 coupons per computer. BUT did you know you can NOW print coupons from other devices. I did this tutorial on how to print coupons from other devices.. Want to find hidden coupons?  YES, Sign me up… You will want to read this quick article on finding those types of coupons.

Please DO NOT ever copy coupons. It is illegal and the coding on the coupon printed contains your computers IP address. There are ways to legally get many more coupon prints.


If you have been on the fence about grabbing a newspaper subscription what better way to get started and prepped now before this BIG promotion. You can order the Gazette Sunday Paper for just $1 ea with up to 5 delivered to your home. Much better than running out to the Dollar Store. You can read more here
Just AN FYI Will wil have two coupon inserts this weekend


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