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Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Our lives and our homes seem to get full of clutter so quickly. Tackling clutter in small chunks can have a quick impact and give you a sense of freedom. Freedom from clutter does not have to take hours, but can be accomplished in minutes a day.

Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

When you want to declutter a shelf, drawer or closet, take everything out and then only return the items that you really need to keep. Decide how long you will keep something before getting rid of it. If you haven’t used something in 6 months, 1 year, or more? Pick a decision point that you think will work for you and try to stick to it. You can always adjust the time up or down if you feel like you need to.

— Kitchen counters can become cluttered easily. If you don’t use an appliance at least twice a week, remove it from the counter and store it somewhere else.  Gaining counter space will also make it feel cleaner.

— If you aren’t sure you want to get rid of some things, stick these items in a box. Mark the outside with the contents and date. If you have not used anything in that box for however long your decision point above is, then just donate the entire box and forget about it.


— Your children will come home with many prized artwork pieces, but you can’t really save them all. One great idea is to take a photo of your child holding the art. That way you don’t have to keep every item, but you will have the picture as a terrific memory and keepsake. This is also true of vacation souvenirs. Who needs a cheesy souvenir that cost a million bucks, when you can have a vacation memory in a photo?

— The dreaded closet. Each season, try on all the clothes in your closet. If you love something, keep it. Ask yourself if you would buy it again. Anything you would not buy again, get rid of. If it doesn’t fit get rid of it, unless it is a really special item. For clothes you only wear for a special event, move them to the back of your closet, or better yet, store in a spare closet if you can.

You can overcome clutter by just doing a few tasks regularly. This does not have to take tons of your time, but what a difference you can make in just a few minutes a day.


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