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This Homemade Flubber Kids Craft idea is a great easy science experiment that leads to hours of playtime and fun! Perfect way to teach and play at the same time!

How To Make Homemade Flubber Kids Craft

Flubber is an incredibly easy and gooby kids craft project that kids will love! Buying flubber from the store can be costly and I found that it doesn’t last long at all.  Coming up with a fun way to make this homemade flubber at home as a weekend kids craft was ideal!

Why will you love making this homemade flubber kids craft? 

  • It isn’t too messy
  • Kids love it because it is fun to play with
  • It’s a great educational kids craft and science experiment (is it solid or liquid?)
  • It can be personalized with colors and even glitter


Supplies Needed: 

Borax Detergent Booster

White Glue

Food Coloring



ingredients need to make home made flubber

Directions to Make Homemade Flubber:

You will need two separate bowls to make each of the following mixes separately. No worries you will combining them later.

Mix one - Homemade flubber

Mix 1

3/4 Cup Warm Water

4 oz Multiple Purpose School Glue (standard size bottle)

Food Coloring (Your favorite coloring)

Mix all ingredients together until the mixture is well incorporated.  You can adjust the food coloring until you find the right shade.  It will lighten some when mixed with the second step, so don’t be afraid of going a bit darker.

Mix one - Colored - Homemade flubber

Mix 2

2 tsp.  Borax

1/2 Cup Warm water

Mix the above until Borax is fully dissolved.  This should take just a minute or so, and can be done with a spoon or wire whisk.

Mix 2 - Homemade flubber

Add Mix 2 into Mix 1. To allow the kiddos to have fun, I had them stirring and mixing the ingredients together, but you really don’t need to do this part at all. It is a chemical reaction that makes flubber into a mass of goo.

Combing Mixes - Homemade flubber

flubber made - homemade

Because of the science behind this recipe, the borax combines with the PVA in the glue and makes a polymer. Once the mixture looks soupy, roll up those sleeves and hand mix for a full 2-3 minutes and VIOLA.  You have been flubberized.  Please remember to tell your kids that homemade flubber is not a food and should not be tasted. 

To make sure your homemade flubber lasts longer, make sure your kids have clean hands before playing with it.  This will keep dirt and germs out of it, and make it last a lot longer for future days of play. The shelf life of the homemade flubber kids craft is around 3 weeks.  After that, you’ll want to throw it out and create a new batch to play with.  During the 3 weeks that you store the flubber, make sure to keep your flubber in an airtight container, or a Ziploc baggie.  You’ll also want to note that this should be thrown away in the garbage and not poured down the sink or down a drain.

Making kids craft ideas like this homemade flubber is a great way to include education into play time.  With so many fun colors you can make, it is also a fun craft idea that would work for any birthday party, or even a sleepover with the kids!  Add some drops of glow in the dark paint, and use it to decorate around Halloween!  The possibilities with this fun homemade flubber kids craft are endless!

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This Homemade Flubber Kids Craft idea is a great easy science experiment that leads to hours of playtime and fun! Perfect way to teach and play at the same time!


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