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Hidden Things that break the Budget and how to avoid them

Hidden Things That Break The Budget and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes the things we already have at home are the things that can hurt our budget the most.  Theses items have already been purchased, but it’s how we use them or take care of them that makes us spend more money than necessary. We are so use to spending the money on them that we don’t realize the toll they are taking on our budget.

Just because we get a product for free or very cheap doesn’t mean we should use it. Think about it, once those items are gone we fell that we have to buy more.  Even if we can get it for free it still takes time and effort to go get more. Value the time it takes to get more products from the store and the money it could potentially cost if that item weren’t available for free.  When you use products as if you paid full price for every one of them you’ll use them more sparingly and not spend as much time, effort and money to replace them.

When things are in disrepair they have to be replaced or repaired, both of which cost time and money.  If we maintain our things instead, we won’t have to invest nearly as much of our time and money.  Most things can be maintained with just a little bit of effort and some simple cleaning supplies.  Our homes and vehicles may require some money to maintain, but routine maintenance will cost much less than major damages due to our negligence with small repairs.

I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings “time is money” and “put your money where your mouth is”.  The more we consume and the more things we buy, the more money and time out of our lives it takes to replace or maintain them.  Are you investing your time and money in people or things?

How we value our money and our things greatly affects how our children will value their money and things in the future.   If we don’t take care of our things, neither will our children.  If we act like money grows on trees, so will our children.  If we squeeze our money so tightly that we deprive our children of their needs and the simplest wants, they’ll not only suffer, but be more likely to waste money as adults due to their deprivation. What are you teaching your children about money and things?  I know that I need to do better about the examples I’m setting for mine.

In turn, if we could all just live a more simply we will all save in the end.


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