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Being a SUPER Saver at the store is more then just about clipping coupons. It is about strategic shopping, knowing your prices, avoiding the marketing tacks. Today, I am going to go through some simple tips that will help you better become the SUPER saver.

First grab your scissors and snip, snip, snip! 

Don’t you wonder how “Super Savers” get their coupons?  Since I’m one of them, I think I can help! (wink, wink).The MAJORITY of coupons can be found in Newspapers, magazines, store ads, mailers, product packaging, etc. An Investment of 20-30 minutes each week can help save you as much as $40 or more from your weekly grocery bill. All by just clipping coupons!!

Organize Your Coupons.

I like to organize mt coupons by expiration date. Don’t just throw them in a stack.  You’ll forget about them.  Then you won’t make the expiration date, and you’ll just end up tossing them.  Don’t let all that clipping go to waste!  Take the time to get organized.

Make a List

Before heading to the store write out a list of all the items you are going to need for the next week.  Just don’t  jot down a few things you know you will use write out a full inventory list. Go through your cabinet & open that fridge.  There is a statistic out there that states if you walk into a store with no list or a partial list expect to spend 60% more than you budget for. It is also important to stick with your list. Avoid the temptation of buying any extra items that are not on your list. When you’re at the store don’t forget to look for other types of coupons we call peelies, blinkies, or hang tags that are available. Always keep those eyes peeled.

Now this is the way of the traditional saver, but to be a super saver you need to be extreme in your coupon search. 

Put the scissors down, and turn on your computer or smartphone.  Searching is endless via the web.  Check out store websites for coupons and printables, blogs like Inspiring Savings 😉 that help with saving, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  There are a bunch of coupon apps for smart phones check what’s available on your phone.  Keep your eyes peeled open when searching on the web and you’ll find coupon codes all over the place!

I’m not done my friend.  For other ideas on how to find coupons, check out trade shows and correspond with manufacturers.  Manufacturers like people to try their products and become loyal customers.  They may throw some freebies and coupons to you.

The average shopper can save at least $1,000 a year by spending just 20-30 minutes a week compiling a grocery list, seeking coupons, savings and deals from a variety of sources. How much you save depends on the effort you put into it.

The trick to becoming a successful super saver… do the work, stay organized, and know your stores coupon policy.  What you can save is worth the work!  Happy couponing!


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