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We throw away food weekly in our homes and we are ultimately throwing money in the garbage. Read here on how to reduce food waste in your home

How To Reduce Food Waste in Your Home!

We are all trying to be smart shoppers and run frugal households, but do you think about how much food most of us waste every day? Food waste is a huge issue in most families. Here are some helpful tips to reduce food waste in your home.

You probably already plan your grocery shopping trips, but try to be extra diligent. Plan out your meals and only buy the fresh food you need to make those meals. Even if the produce is on sale, and you don’t use it up then you will end up throwing it away.

Try to stock your refrigerator with older items in the front, so they get used up first. If something has been on the front shelf and not consumed, maybe it is time to freeze it. Organize your freezer the same way if you can, and you will be more likely to consume food items that need to be used up first.

Clean out your pantry regular. The first in and first out stocking strategy is still a good idea, but as you clean the pantry check the product’s expiration dates. If something will expire soon, try to make a plan to use it for an upcoming meal.

If boxed items in your pantry get stale before they are used up, then invest in some reusable and reseal able containers that preserve freshness.

Have a ‘whatever’ dinner night. Choose one night a week to use up leftovers, or make a meal out of the remnants. Let everyone in the family pick what they want to eat, but make their choice from the leftovers or need to be used up food.

Find new ways to use up product that is wilting or soft. Many veggies can be frozen to use later for soup stock, and overripe fruit is great for nutritious smoothies.

Share with others. If you have a recipe that is better doubled, then share with a friend or neighbor. Do the same or donate to your local food bank if your garden is over abundant this year.

It just takes a little effort and planning to reduce food waste in your household. You will save money and can feel good about not throwing good food in the trash.


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