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How to save money on produce section

Every time we go to the grocery store we are consumed by many chooses about food; fresh vs frozen, canned vs fresh, pre-package foods vs making your own from available fresh ingredients. Have you ever just skipped the fresh produce section thinking it is too expensive to buy fresh? Believe me you are not alone. I did a little research and according the U.S. Department of Agriculture Americans do not consume the recommends amount of fruits and veggies a day.

Does this sound surprising?  With the rising cost of food many are turning away from fresh produce. Much of the increase in prices can be blamed for many attributes;  raising price in gas to bad crops. Whatever it many be, “WE” need to be smarter consumers.

So, how do we save on fresh produce? Simple!!  We scan our weekly flyers for the best possible deals each week. Start shopping with what is on sale and what is in season. It is not to say, that you might discover that bagged spinach is a better deal than the loose leaf version. Compare your prices.

In season, locally grown food is usually cheapest.  Menu planning around what is in season will provide your family with nutritious and healthy meals.

Think farmers market, co-ops and local farm stands. On of our family favorite spot is a local out of the way farm that offers cheap organic fruits and veggies (Shhhh, our secret). Last year I got 15 pounds of tomatoes for just $4. I am Italian, so a big pot of sauce was made, canned and packed away for later use.

Have you heard that growing your own food is the next big thing? Not only is it the in thing, but it helps your children understand where found comes from and how it is grow. By growing your own, you can guarantee that the produce is organic and the price of seeds is well worth the turn out!

Last and least, only purchase what you and your family will eat. Nothing is worse then having to throw out food that has gone bad. But, if it’s a really good deal, and you think the food may spoil before you have a chance to eat it, look into freezing or canning the foods. We love to freeze grapes and bananas in the summer time.

What measures do you take to save in the produce section?


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  1. I have to say that the only time I find farmers markets to be less expensive than the store is when I go and am able to get day old. Tho now that we are down to 1 kid at home ( out of 4)we can afford some of the fresh items that we couldn’t before we had a house full. We trip down to Schoharie ( our secret, but i WILL share!) and hit up Barbers and Shauls..Barbers you can get alot for a couple bucks at the day old counter. The corn is to die for! I cook and freeze what we aren’t going to eat that night. Am going to take a day trip over to my hometown of Rutland Vermont and check out thier Market..so many farmers that it is now located in a refurbished warehouse!!

    • Thanks MAMA for sharing your little secret. My local farmer is small and tucked away, so local traffic seems to make his business run well. I do have to agree some farmers market tend to be on the pricier side. Rutland Vermont is beautiful. 🙂

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