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How to Save money on Coffee

On average you could spend $2 to even possibly $5 at specialty coffee shops for that morning up of brew.  Why do we do it?  Does it come down to convenience, better coffee or it has just become routine. Far be it, I am the last one to stand in between you and your little cup of heaven. After all, we all know I am a HUGE coffee lover.  Let’s examine the possibilities of savings.

How to Save Money on Coffee

If you purchase coffee on 3 times a week on average, you are spending $288.00 to $720.00 a year. These numbers don’t account for repeat visits in the afternoon.  For me making my coffee in the morning after waking up is not a good thing.  I suffer from morning fog. If you spend a few minutes the night before setting your machine; timer and all, you could be waking up to freshly brewed coffee at home. This  will cost half the price than purchase on your way to work.  In my case, I am lucky enough to have my husband make my coffee in the morning. What can I say?  He loves me. (he isn’t even a coffee drinker, more for me).

That morning cup of Joe at home will cost you $0.10-$0.35 to make or ($14.40 to $53.00 a year). BIG BIG Difference.  Hey, if you buy your coffee from the store with a coupon…..BONUS!!!

Plus… instead of brewing a whole pot of coffee, only brew the amount your drink. Want not, Waste not.  I find I actually drink less if I make a smaller pot of coffee and I feel fine and SURVIVE.

Think outside of your box of Joe. Just because your coffee is expensive doesn’t mean that they taste is outstanding.  In a blind taste test by NYMag food critic Adam Platt, he ranked 7 cups of coffee Of coarse Starbucks was included and you may be SHOCKED! Starbucks ranked last in his tsate test!

Their coffee cost on average $2.11 vs. $1.79 for Dunkin Donuts. Choosing Dunkins could save you almost $230 per year, that’s if you just have to have coffee when you’re out. The savings are even more dramatic if you’re willing to brew at home. Buying Starbucks beans and brewing them at home can save you upwards of $1200 per year, and over $1000 if you buy beans from Dunkin Donuts. That’s enough for a nice family vacation! Think about that for a minute…You do have options if you do not want to brew at home.

Just like purchasing furniture……..shop around, taste test and start savings money.

***Just a quick side note, this article is written on the context of freshly ground coffee and not on k-cups.  I don’t own a machine that uses them, but I am sure you can save money by just using it instead of purchasing from a coffee house**



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