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Out of all the grocery shopping I do for my family, purchasing meat is the most expensive.  Our family has spent more on meat than other grocery items.  I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise . Besides watching for sales, there are a few other tips you should know prior to purchasing.

It is normally cheaper to purchase meat with the bone (s) still in it, versus the boneless version. I usually pull out the bone prior to freezing.  For example, purchasing split chicken breast at $1.59 vs boneless chicken breast at $2.99 lb is by far much cheaper.  I have seen chicken breast go on sale as low as $1.99 lb. Good time to stock up without the work.

Purchase BIG. Family-sized packages of meat usually cost less per pound than smaller packages. Buy one big package then divide it into the portions that you need and freeze if need be.  This is why we love our foodsaver so much.

Frozen meat, think tubes of ground chicken, turkey, and beef, etc. can cost much less per pound.  They are usually divided onto one-pound frozen packages which can be extremely convenient.

Did you know that by purchasing less lean meat (70% lean ground beef), you are actually purchasing more fat?  Guess what happens to all that fat?  You got it!!! It cooks away.  The leaner the meat, the more savings and less cooked away fat.

Purchase end cuts from the deli. Our grocery store as an area specific to selling just the end cuts. Our store usually tries to slice them down into smaller packages.  We frequently purchase deli meat from end cuts (unless it is on sale and/or I have a terrific coupon in hand). End cuts are reduced priced versions of what is available behind the deli counter.

Seek another source. Find a good local famer that raises and sells his/her own meat. Cut out the middle man, go directly to the source.  You may even benefit by getting better quality meat. The only down fall to this method is you will need a large enough space to freeze your savings.

Another way to save on meat is by eating a little less.  Have a meal a week with out meat.  I have seen lots of friends enjoy Meatless Mondays. I don’t usually have a specific day, but my kids love it when I make homemade Mac & Cheese.

So, how do you save money on purchasing meat? Of course, meatless meals can help keep the budget in check, but don’t feel you have to substitute at every meal. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!


How to Save on Money on Meat Purchases!!! — 5 Comments

  1. My husband is a hunter, so from November until April all of our ground “beef” is venison. The butcher that processes our deer also works for Hannaford and he does a superb job. We save alot of money this way, it’s “free range and organic” and we like it.

  2. A local butcher’s shop in CP(Fred!!) ALWAYS has chicken for $1.99/lb when buying in bulk. Also, in purchasing ground beef at his store, the price/lb goes down with a purchase of $25 worth of other meat. So …buy your ground beef and chicken together, in bulk, freeze, and save!

  3. Another good way is to buy the meat when they put a coupon on it to sell immediately. You should cook it that night or freeze it right away.

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