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With the holidays right around the corner we will be spending more time online… And we can simply blow our budgets quickly. See How to Stop Impulse Buying

With the holidays right around the corner we will be spending more time online... And we can simply blow our budgets quickly. See How to Stop Impulse Buying

How To Stop Impulse Buying Online This Holiday Season!!

If you have been a follower of Inspiring Savings for a while, you know that I post plenty of online deals. Those deals kick up even more so around the holidays as Black Friday approaches. My passion…is to help you save money and not to spend.  While it may seem like I am posting deals to get you to purchase many items online, my heart is not purposely wanting you to grab all those deals. I am here to be that pathway to savings.

Yet, it may seems quite the opposite.  Just because I post many on Inspiring Savings doesn’t mean you need to spend that money. I don’t want you to ever feel pressured to buy. In fact, I want to go over some ways that can alleviate the pressure of over spending.

Set a budget limit

Before spending money make sure you are staying within your budget. I have found that you can easily over spend and go over your budget limits when you spot an AMAZING deal. Ask yourself this….”Do I really need it?” or if this is for someone else on your Christmas list ask “Is this item within my budget?

Pay with Cash online

Yes!!!! You can absolutely pay with cash online!  When you shop online it is so easy to set up a credit card accounts with your favorite retailers. In fact, it may just take you a total of three clicks to checkout when your credit card is all a set up. The system is quick and the money spent is also quickly put out of your mind, until that bill comes in. By paying with cash online it will make you have accountability for what you are purchasing. So how do you pay online? It is easy: you can pay via paypal, which pulls directly from your checking account. Some sites may even allow you to pay with a debit card and not credit. This step is important to keep you on track with your budget this holiday season.

Don’t fall for store marketing tactics

YES!!!! You can find these tactics online as well. Marketing ploys are not just at the grocery store. Those Buy one, Get one 50% off sales are all marketing tactics to get your to spend more money (as one of many examples). Before you make any purchase, it  always makes sense to seek out those deals to save money and not just purchase them because it may be a good deal.

Don’t open those emails

If you have purchased from your favorite retailers previously you know that they will start sending more and more promotional emails this time of year. It come with the territory. If you are a suckers for Legos or Zuilily try to delete those emails as quickly as they hit your inbox. Stay away from those promotions that you know you will spend money on. It is your will power in action.

Educate yourself

Don’t just spend money because “well that was a super great deal“. Know your spending habits, have a plan of action, make a list, and most importantly research those items online for the best possible price. Keep tabs on Inspiring Savings after all I am going to great lengths to find many deals to help you save….BUT again do not just buy an item because I mentioned a good deal.

Lets get you set up for success this Christmas season. Think twice before buying. Again, just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it.  Keep tabs on your Black Friday shopping. This is a day when many people go out with out a plan of action and spend.

They tend to spend even more money on this day because everyone is out for the same deal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Deals have been occurring now that are projected to be better than black Friday sales. Again it all comes down to educating yourself and timing.

Please know that my passion is to help you SAVE and NOT Spend. I hope that my ideas & tips will help you to stop impulse buying. 

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