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Spark your Halloween party with imaginative ideas, homemade food and items already found within your home. There is really no need to break the bank when it comes to throwing your kids a spooktacular party.  Hosting a killer Halloween party on a budget cannot be any simpler. Good planning, organization and a little money will set you in the mood for your event.

Before you begin, it is important to have a plan of action. Your plan should include your budget amount, theme, and food ideas.  Once this GIANT step is accomplished, everything else will just fall into place.  Here are a few other money saving ideas to help you on your way.

Picking your theme will help pull together the rest of your planning. It will give you the direction you will need.   Halloween offers us an opportunity to get ghoulishly creative.  Some of my favorite themes include goblins and ghosts, fairies and witches to even a Hogwarts theme.  One of my favorite sites to search is Pinterest which can help stir up those creative juices.

Shopping for your party will actually benefit you if you wait until the very last minute to purchase your decorations.  Most stores start reducing their prices to get rid of their seasonal inventory.

Make a list of all the items you need. This will help you search out those deals a little quicker and easier.  Plus, you won’t be left standing in the aisles thinking about placement of decorations in your home found on sale.

Saving money on party food can help with these simple solutions. First, you can make your own food instead of buying it, which can often save you lots of money. This option will require more of your time. So planning ahead for this portion is very important. Nonetheless, since Halloween parties are fun and low key don’t feel bad asking your guests to bring a spooky, festive Halloween dish. Out of politeness, I would provide the main dish.  Coordinate with your guests who plan to bring food items. Double check to ensure you don’t end up with 8 desserts and no side dishes.

Send out e-mail invites or create an event through Facebook.  With technology today, there is no need to pay for invitations. In addition, you are going green.

What is a Halloween party without a costume contest? So don’t forget to ask your guest to wear their best costumes.  Half the fun of attending a Halloween party is checking out what everyone else is wearing.  If you have to skimp on decorations, don’t worry! Costumes are a great way to brighten up your party.


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