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New Hannaford Store Shopping App – Earn Rewards, Clip Coupons & More! — 46 Comments

    • Hi Heather! It does seem like many are now having problems getting coupons. I have heard that some received them 8 hours after they have downloaded the app. Don’t give up hope yet. The app is very new and I know Hannaford is looking for feedback. One of the concerns, has been already addressed. Such as; a all your clipped coupons disappear once you check out, even if you did not use the coupons (they are wiped from the system). I would keep checking back with your app. Just by word of mouth, I have heard others deleting the app and reinstalling it or signing up using a new email has done the trick. If you end up getting your freebie coupons after troubleshooting, please come back and leave me a comment. I would love to know what worked for you.

    • I have been having trouble trying to log back in. It keeps telling me that my email is wrong or and my password.. so I changed it and still cannot get in..

  1. I went to HANNAFORD last night.
    I spent over $300!!
    I cannot seem to find the receipt.
    Is there a way i can get the savings now without having the receipt or do i have to wait until i shop there again?

  2. The free coupons say a minimum purchase amount is required but doesn’t state what that amount is. Anyone know. I tried calling the store they weren’t sure. They gave me a customer service number but I keep getting they can’t take my call right now.

    • Hmmm, that is interesting. This is the first I am hearing about a minimum purchase. I was able to use all my free coupons at time of checkout without any problems. I can’t view those “Freebie” coupons on the app anymore to double check the fine print. It would be helpful to see that wording. Would you mind taking a screenshot and sending it to me via email. Jen@inspiringsavings.com

  3. I went and used the free coupons tonight and had major problems. First only a couple coupons came off. So after checking to make sure I had all the correct items the supervisor tried it again with the same result. Not knowing what to do she ended up scanning each item and doing a price reduction for each item. It took well over an hour at the checkout.

    • Hi Rachel, I am sorry you are having problems. Once the app is downloaded and you view your coupons they should be available for you to clip to your account. There have been a few other readers with the same problem. Some have said they have shown up 8 hours later, others have deleted the app and uploaded again to have them reappear. If you don’t get your coupons and are still having problems after troubleshooting I would reach out to Hannaford. This is a new app (11 days old now) and I am sure they are still working out the bugs. You can reach out to them here . http://www.hannaford.com/content.jsp?pageName=ContactUs&leftNavArea=CustServLeftNav

  4. Thanks. Nothing has showed up yet but I’ll keep checking. I see that earlier you said some people have had them appear afyrt a while of waiting.

  5. This app is actually a pilot for associates only. The free products are for associates. It is not meant for customers, that’s why there are bugs. The customer rollout is next year.

    • HI Greg, Thanks for your comment. I personally, was first introduced to the app by a local store manager who was instructing and encouraging his customers to use this app. He did not mention that this was intended for Hannaford staff only. I would never have known about this app without his speaking up.

      Please also, keep in mind that once any app becomes “live” on play store or Itunes the public can easily download and use. At this point, the Hannaford app has well over 10,000 downloads on google play and has plenty of great feedback on use. I am sure once Hannaford starts advertising this to their customers they are going to love this app as much as I do. I already earned a couple bucks on my Hannaford Rewards.

  6. Downloaded app and free items were listed right away. Biggest problem was lack of internet connection in store. Local store does not have WiFi network and cell phone reception inside store is basically nonexistent. When I would lose connection I could not see what coupon I had clipped. If app is going to require internet connection to work properly or conviently Hannaford my have to consider installing a WiFi network for customers to use. Since I had clipped my coupons before going in store once I checked out they were all credited.

    • That is a great suggestion Ed! When Target first started with their Cartwheel app I was having the same issue shopping their store as well. They soon added the free wifi for shoppers. It is a win/win. You add in Wifi we stay and shop longer.

  7. I went last night…went up and down every aisle looking for my free items (that was the work)…I got free eggs, bread, Nutella spread, brownie for 1, glade air freshener, tissues, perdue chicken nuggets, pup peroni, chobani yogurt, and a few other items…put a few extras in my carts…checked out and all the coupons worked but I heard from others that it didn’t work for them.

  8. I used the app and got my free stuff. I too was recently told that it was “jyst for associates only” and they are no longer honoring it for the public. If they wanted it to be used for employees only, they should have made sure only employees were able to download with a badge or other number to confirm employment.

    • There was an issue with the release. They wanted to associates to pilot the app before it was released to the public, so all the bugs could be ironed out, but that didn’t happen. The Hannaford stores around here still honored the app and the savings even if you were not an employee.

      • Thanks Stephanie. I appreciate your comment. As with the app, the manager of one of my local Hannaford stores informed me about it. At time of check out he was instructing me on how to use it. In fact, he was encouraging everyone to use it. Maybe not all employees were informed of the early release, but once it is released on google play or itunes you can not prevent others to download it. It is public. Hannaford could have released it very easily to all employees without making it public. Many app developers provide private beta testing downloads.

    • Hi Wendy! I got the same email this morning. I do not work for Hannaford. I am not seeing the coupon either. Did you get a request for $9 off of $45? I would contact Hannaford directly. That is what I did. I have not heard anything back yet. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I have been shopping at Hannaford for at least 20 years. One of the things that I liked was that you did not need a card to get the sale prices. I must admit that I shopped at price chopper when I saw sales in their fliers. I tried to download your app and I became frustrated with all the information you seem to need. I am not a computer geek, but at 78 years old cam not computer illiterate. I shop on the computer and do all my banking on the computer, you new app sway to complicated! JUST GIVE PEOPLE A CARD LIKE ALL THE OTHER STORES AND I WILL SHOP THERE AGAIN, FOR NOW I GUESS I WILL GO BACK TO PRICE CHOPPER.

  10. My clipped coupons will not show up. It keeps telling me they are preparing my coupons and to please stand by, however, they never load.

    • Hey Melissa, Give it sometime. This app is still in its infancy. You may have to troubleshoot some. Fist just getting out of the app and considering restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall. You can just log back in using your same credentials. Hope that this helps

  11. Love the app. so since i started using it, it seems the Ibotta Hannaford number does not work. The app number is 1 digit more so you cant link the 2 accounts. I give the cashier my hannaford number to scan for Ibotta then my phone number for the App. Can the 2 be used together? The Ibotta doesn’t seem to like it. I have not received credit from them in the last 2 weeks. I wonder if one is over riding the other. I have contacted Ibotta and they are also looking to it. Any suggestions.

  12. Hi Jen,

    I’m so excited to find out about this app! All of the freebies and coupons downloaded right away and are in my clipped coupons section. Just one question – how do I redeem these awesome coupons?! Do I just show them the barcode under “My Hannaford Rewards”?! Sorry to be THIS person!!

  13. I signed up for the Rewards program in Sept., via computer since I don’t have a smart phone, and am trying to cash rewards and cashier was not very helpful, nor is your website. How, exactly, is this done?

    • HI Karl, I do not work for Hannaford. You see I am a savings deal blog. But I would love to help. At the end of each quarter you will receive an email stating that you can now use your rewards. There is a pop up or button that will state “Activated your rewards” at that time the money you accrued will them be added to your account and you can have them scan your barcode or use your phone number at checkout to receive your discount.

      Just an FYI, that email went out the very beginning of January. But you do not need the email to activate your rewards. You should be able to do it right online or from mobile.

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