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Lets Explore Price Chopper’s Coupon Policy on Competitor Coupon Use!

Price Chopper’s competitor coupon policy is often times difficult to understand.  It seems that when we think we are following the terms as outlined in their policy, we really ARE NOT!  Why then do we find it hard to understand? I find it hard to keep straight myself as it has many components to it. Really!!! I keep their policy on hand when shopping in any Price Chopper store. Now that I finally have a handle on what is to be expect while using competitor coupons I often run into cashier who are new or don’t understand it themselves (I have only had this happen a handful of times)

Let’s go over what we know about Price Chopper Competitor Coupon policy.

Price Chopper

Price Chopper Competitor Coupon Policy

  • Accepts competitor coupon from like grocery stores or big box stores that carry grocery items.
      • Does not accept from the following stores:
        • BJ’s
        • CVS
        • Walgreens
        • Rite Aid
        • Family Dollar
        • Dollar General
  • Treats competitor coupons like Price Chopper store coupons. This does mean that THEY DO allow you to combine one competitor coupon & one manufacture coupon together.
  • One dollar off your order competitor coupon accepted per transaction (Example: $15 off of $30 purchases) and can be combined with other coupons (i.e.manufacture coupons)
  • One competitor coupon per item is allowed. Such as $1/1 Kraft Cheese Target Store coupon can only be used once on the intended item.
  • No limit to competitor coupon use except for the instance of dollar off your total order competitor coupon (Limit 1)


Target is considered a competing grocery store at Price Chopper. Often times we will get Target store coupons for (example)  $15 off of $40 Up & Up product purchase. Here is were the confusion begins. FIRST, lets discuss Up & Up.

Up & Up products is Target’s store brand for the following: Household, personal care, baby care, pharmacy & stationary items. You will not see Up & Up within the grocery portion of the store. Market Pantry is Target Store brands for those items.

Price Chopper did allow and accepted this coupon at most stores. The acceptance of this coupon was in relationship to those items that are comparable to Price Chopper’s Store brand. Let’s face facts, we can’t expect the 16 year old cashier who is cashing us out to realize this difference. Not at all! They are following the directions as set forth from their manager and sometimes they don’t even know.

Also, you have to remember that not all of us shop at Target and understand Target’s store brand (Price Chopper staff included). This is the same reason as to why many Price Chopper stores stopped accepting this coupon last week. Many without knowledge (honest mistake) and those who do understand Target brands were purchasing meat from Price Chopper with this coupon. $15 off a purchase is quite a bit of money to loose on items that this coupon doesn’t represent.

As couponers (and there are many more of us now) know our store policies better then some of store staff. Let’s not take advantage. What we have already learned that Price Chopper, stop accepting  this coupon because of wrongful use and/or lack of knowledge of Target’s Up & Up items.

Will Price Chopper’s Coupon Policy Change?

Yes, of coarse it will. All stores just like Price Chopper adjust the need for change based on many factors. Factors include; manufacture coupon changes, consumer usage, competition from other stores, marketing strategies and more.

We will be seeing a NEW addition – Does not a other stores coupons for Dollar Doublers. Another add on to policy changes after Tops Friendly Markets released those region coupons a few weeks back.

It is frustrating as a couponer, when you get to the check out line and are denied the use of coupons because of a “pop up” change in policy. It becomes a “He Said, She Said” situation as their policy does not outline the terms of all intent forms of coupons.

You leave the store feel baffled. After all the each store has the right to refuse coupons as per their policy.



Lets Explore Price Chopper’s Coupon Policy on Competitor Coupon Use! — 1 Comment

  1. Price Chopper needs to figure out what they want to do, and stick to it. I definitely appreciate that they streamlined their coupon policy so that it is consistent from store to store, which was enacted last year, but there have definitely been issues regarding competitor’s coupons. They must be VERY exact in what they will and will not accept. I believe that they SHOULD accept competitor’s dollar doublers, since they are technically a competitor’s coupon. If, for example, it comes in Stop and Shop’s flyer (much like Price Chopper’s doublers do), you should be able to use them without issue, just as you would any other competitor coupon. Too much picking and choosing about competitor’s coupons is muddying up how I shop. Consistency needs to be key.

    The reason Price Chopper is my store of choice is precisely for the perks of being able to use competitor’s coupons, and reduce the number of grocery trips I make. Were they to change this policy, I would seriously consider taking my business elsewhere. I would like to see them keep accepting competitor’s coupons, and be plain about what is not allowed (eg. BJ’s coupons). Remove all ambiguity.

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