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Stores that Price match

We are all trying to be frugal and get the most for our money. One great tool to be aware of is price matching. There are many stores that do offer to match their competitor’s prices on most items. It can seem confusing, but if you do your research before you head out to the store, you will be able to get the best deals. Here are some of the top stores that offer price matching services, and a basic overview of each store’s policies.

Pricing Matching Made Easy: See Which Stores Price Match & How

Lowe’s and Home Depot both have price match policies. Lowe’s will beat a local competitor’s price by 10% on the exact same item. You need to bring in the current ad from the other store. If a competitor store offers a certain percent off a purchase, Lowe’s will match the final out of pocket price. The price guarantee at Lowe’s doesn’t apply to labor, closeouts or clearance items and is limited to “reasonable quantities”. You can check with the customer service desk at the store if you want to make sure before you checkout.  Home Depot’s policy is the beat their price by 10%. Again, check with customer service before you purchase your item, just to make sure.


Target is one of the few stores that will match online, but there is a limit to the sites they will match. If you buy an item and then see a lower price in the next week’s ad (or 7 days online), they will match the price. Online stores are limited to Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Babies R Us and Toys R Us. If you have previously purchased the item, you must bring in your original receipt and proof of the lower advertised price. The item must be identical, and you can only get one item of the same kind price matched. You can bring in an ad, or show proof of the pricing on your phone, but you must go through the Guest Service’s Desk for any price matching transaction.

Family Dollar will match any local competitor store’s advertised price. You must bring in the actual ad to the checkout- no copies or mobile views accepted. You must also have a current advertisement and the item must be exact. This store will not match online prices or closeout/special prices.


If you are shopping tech stores, both Best Buy and Staples have a price matching policy. Best Buy will match local competitor’s prices, including online pricing. Best Buy will also match these online retailers: Amazon, Bhphotovideo, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, Newegg and Tiger Direct. If you buy an item and Best Buy lowers the price later, you can also come in and get the price adjusted to the lower cost. You can only get one identical item per customer matched. With Staples, you have 14 days to come back if they lower a price on a specific item. For an in-store match you must go to the customer service area. If you find a lower price you can bring in the ad and Staples will match the price. If you are buying online and find a lower price, you have to call Staples in order to get the price you want.

JCPenney makes it easy to get the best price in the store. Just bring in any local store’s current advertisement, and any sales associate will honor the price. Mobile versions are accepted, but may be subject to verification and may take more time.

If you are buying for children, you will be happy to know that Toys R Us will also match prices. This service is only for purchases made in the store. You can get the price at the time of purchase, but you have seven days to bring your receipt back and get the lowest price. Toys R Us will match many online retailers as well, but your best bet is to check in the store before you make your purchase.


Walmart is easily the biggest price matcher out there. They will match any local store’s price, and you don’t have to bring in the ad. The item must be identical, and they even match BOGO items if the price is listed. There is a limit to one BOGO match per household. Walmart will even match an online price, as long as you can show that is the same item, and the price is clearly stated. Fresh produce and meat can be matched as long as the price is for the same unit (e.g. a pound of meat).  You don’t have to make a special trip to the service desk, as you can price match right at the register!

Hope that this list helps you understand which stores price match and how.


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