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What to Buy.. and When: A Month by Month Breakdown of Sale Cycles! Which month can you get the best buys on what?

The Best Time to Buy Anytime – A Month to Month Grocery Sale Cycle Guide

Did you know that the items your purchase at the store go through what is called a “sale cycle”? When is The Best Time to Buy Anything?  You see a sale cycle simple means exactly that term –  sale items fluctuate. Store sales will generally follow a pattern or  cycle for when they go on sale. The goal is to make your purchases at their lowest price point and stock up until the next sale cycle. Plus, by utilizing your coupons when these items are at their lowest price point you will generate a huge discount!

Saving More Money By Shopping the Sale Cycles

Always keep an eye on my weekly Grocery Coupon Matchups. These will show you the sales happening each week at your favorite stores, plus match up any available coupons with these deals. The best deals are even marked with a STAR so you’ll know they’re worth picking up!

Grocery Store sales cycle every 6 to 8 weeks, but you have to keep in mind that not all items follow this general rule.

I wanted to share with you some of the store sale cycles noticed over the years that do not follow this typical sale cycle. Be sure to save this list (bookmark it) or even print. This will be a nice grocery store savings resource for you to have on hand when searching out deals.


  • Breakfast: oats, oatmeal packets and cereal
  • Diet Food & Healthy Living : shakes, weight scales, diet cookbooks, exercise equipment
  • Organizing Products:  Shelving, plastic tubs & containers, labels, etc
  • – Cold Remedies: Vitamins, supplements & cough drops
  • Big Game Day Savings: Dips, soda, frozen snacks, pizza, pizza, cheese, sandwich items, crackers, snacks, wings, cut fruit & veggie trays



  • Big Game Say Savings (may continue):  Chips, dips, soda, frozen snacks, pizza, cheese, sandwich items, crackers, snacks, pizza, wings, cut fruit & veggie trays
  • Canned Food Items (Watch for Can, Can Sale – ShopRite)
  • Hot Breakfast Items: Oatmeal, frozen waffles, syrup, waffle & pancake mix, hash browns, bacon
  • Chinese New Year: Asian Food Products
  • Valentine’s Day: Chocolates, Candy, Cards, Flowers, etc



  • Frozen Food Month: Great frozen food deals! Watch out for Price Chopper’s freezer deal. (Typically purchase a freezer for $200, Get $200 in FREE food items – coupon booklet)
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Corned Beef, Cabbage, Soda Bread
  • Breakfast Cereals (Lucky Charms for our Irish friends)
  • March Madness: Soda, chips, dips, cheese, crackers frozen pizza, wings, fruit & veggie trays, etc



  • Easter: Hams, baking supplies, eggs, kosher items (for Passover) & candy.
  • Earth Day: Organic food items, reusables products, eco-friendly items, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting



  • Memorial Day: Hot dogs, sausage, meat, BBQ sauce, ketchup, condiments, charcoal, salad dressing, potato chips, dips, paper plates, rolls, buns, etc
  • Cinco de Mayo: Mexican food ingredients
  • Mother’s Day: Cards, flowers, chocolates
  • Gardening Supplies: Plants, flowers, seeds, watering cans, plant food, soil, weed killers, mulch



  • Father’s Day & Graduation Items: BBQ items, fresh Bakery items, veggie/fruit trays, meat, chicken, condiments, paper products
  • 4th of July Preparation Items: Hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ sauce, ketchup, condiments, charcoal, salad dressing, potato chips, dips, etc
  • Dairy:  milk, yogurt, cheese



  • Summertime Savings: BBQ items, meats, condiments, hot dogs, salad dressing, chips, dips, etc.
  • National Ice Cream– Expect to see lots of ice cream & frozen treats!
  • Back to School Preparation: Snack size items, peanut butter, juice boxes, plus school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, clothes, etc.



  • Back to School Items: Pens, crayons, paper, binders, backpacks, notebooks, markers, note cards, snack items, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, deli meats



  • Diabetes Care: Glucose meters, Glucerna cereal, diabetic items
  • Fall Cooking & Foods: Soups, comfort foods, pumpkin, baking items (sugar, flour, baking mixes)
  • Halloween Preparation: Candy, costumes & accessories begin.



  • Halloween: Candy, costumes, accessories
  • Fall Baking: Canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, baking chips, pie crust, flour, sugar, baking mixes, etc
  • National Seafood Month: Many seafood sales



  • Pantry Needs: Canned foods, non-perishable food items. Thanksgiving Preparation: Canned veggies, cranberries, pumpkin,  broth, gravy, fruit, butter, baking supplies, turkeys, ham, stuffing, etc
  • Party Items: Crackers, party trays, salami, cheese
  • Hot Beverages: Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, k-cups
  • Black Friday Sales Begin:  Keep your eyes peeled on Inspiring Savings as I continually keep you up to date on those items.



  • Christmas & New Years:  Eggnog, deli platters, instant potatoes, gravy mixes, rolls, frozen pies, cranberry sauce, jello, marshmallows (if you are planning on serving turkey on Christmas, purchase it in November, this will be the LOWEST price point)
  • Baking Supplies: Flour, sugar, butter, cream, cake mixes, brownie mixes, muffin mixes, breads, pie crusts, marshmallows, whipped cream
  • Christmas deals for gifts.


The ultimate goal is to purchase the items you need when that are at their lowest price point, utilize coupons and stock up until the next bug sale.  You can find many printable coupons by searching our coupon database. These coupons can be used during the sale cycles listed above

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