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Simple Solution - How to organize your loyalty cards

It seems we always have many BIG projects to complete!  I enjoy  finding something I can accomplish quickly and easily and that will bring some order into my life. I am very happy when the little things as much as the bigger items have been organized.

I can easily say that we all have them, and at times it can be the difference of a love/hate relationship. We love the benefits of loyalty cards, but can’t stand the disorganization and the invasion to our key ring.  Technology gurus can now turn to app such as Key Ring to eliminate the hassel of carrying these things little nuisances around.

If you are a tactile person, like myself I have found a simple solution that will allow you to “Clip & Go” or “Clip & Remove”. It is a little thing call  “Plastic Spring Snap Hook Key Ring”. It is a cheap as ordering 6 of them for $5.41 or $0.90 each (includes shipping) through Amazon.

Organizing you loyalty cards

We all love a tidy key ring as mush as the next person. This simple trick will give you back your keys. Plus give you the satisfaction of being able to take your cards with you when you want. You could even go one step further to organizing your new “Clip & Go” key ring, by placing all your cards in alphabetical order. Mine are not this organized. I am just super excited to have them all in one spot.
clip & go


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