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Adorable State Pendent Necklaces

Growing up in the Military as a child was a wonderful experience. I belong to an elite group of kids called “Military Brats”. It certainly played a huge impact on my personality.  I love to meet new people and can talk to anyone about anything. I am very much an extrovert.  And super blessed that I got to grow up traveling the the world with my family.

Cents of Style New York State Necklace On Sale

Home was always where the Army took you. I was born in Kentucky, my younger sister in Germany and my brother in Arizona, but New York has been my home for the last 19 years. We have lived over seas in Germany for many years and my dad did two tours of Korea without us.

New York was the first state I lived in that I got to enjoy all four seasons (except some years that contain brutal winters, I don’t enjoy at all).  Every season gives us the opportunity to enjoy different events and activities. It keeps our family busy.

At the end of the day there really is no place like home. Home is the place where your heart belongs. Right now,  I am proud to call New York my home.


I purchased my State Necklaces through Cents of Style for just $11.99 during one of my favorite Fashion Friday Sales. But you can purchase it right now for just $7.49 ea. They are on sale today for 2 for $15 with free shipping.   Use Coupon Code “2forstate” at checkout. Show your state pride and look stylish at the same time!!

You can find the place of your birth, the place you grew up, where you went to school, your favorite place to visit, or the place where your heart belongs. These state necklaces also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family!

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Show you state price with these adorable state necklace. I love these bar necklaces.


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