Aldi Deals & Produce Picks of The Week 6/25! – Save on Blueberries, Strawberries & More!

Aldi Deals & Produce Picks of The Week

Aldi Deals & Produce Picks of The Week

Here are this week’s latest Aldi Deals & Produce Picks of The Week.  Please remember that Aldi prices are different regionally. Be sure to check out your Weekly Ad.Aldi’s Weekly Ad and start dates for sales are based on the map below.  Prices will change on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday depending on your location on the map. In the Northeast prices Change on Sunday!!

Looking for more tips on how to save BIG at Aldi? Read Tips for Shopping at Aldi – 7 Things You Need to Know before you shop

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Latest NEWS Regarding HUGE Aldi’s Expansion – Invests $3.4 Billion in US

Latest NEWS Regarding HUGE Aldi’s Expansion – Invests $3.4 Billion in US

Aldi, The Germany based grocery store,  announced plans to invest some $3.4 billion in its U.S. business over the next three years. Currently, Aldi operates approximately 1,650 stores with plans to expand by another 450 by year’s end. This newest announcement from the discount grocer would bring that total to 2,500 stores by 2020. With those numbers, Aldi would be the number 3 grocery chain in the U.S., behind Walmart and Kroger.

In the Capital District we have already begun to see some of these changes.  With the newest Aldi store opening in Colonie, NY and now some local stores are receiving updated and expanded stores (Clifton Park, NY). If you live near the Clifton Park store, due to the expansion it plan to close it doors for the month of August.

New stores in the U.S. also means new jobs. Aldi anticipates hiring upwards of 25,000 new workers in the next three years. These employees would help them serve up to 100 million customers per month. This is significant because it assumes a huge migration to Aldi and its discount model.

You can read more about the Aldi $3.4 billion expansion here.

Are you new to shopping at Aldi Stores? You are going to want to read this article first; Tips for Shopping at Aldi – 7 Things You Need to Know before you shop.

Aldi grocery store is clearly one of my favorite stores to shop. I plan a weekly trip. The produce picks of the week, alone is a huge money saving incentive for my family to visit.

Tips for Shopping at Aldi – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Shop

Seven things you need to know before shopping at aldi. Get some great shopping tips. Who Knew

Tips for Shopping at Aldi – 7 Things You Need to Know before you shop

It is no secret I love to shop at AldiIn fact, you will may be surprised that I shop their weekly and have been shopping at Aldi for many many years now. I have put together this post to help you understand 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Shop.  So many people refuse to step foot in Aldi and I have NO idea why. Maybe it is because of the bare-bones look to it or the fact that you have to bring your own bags. Whatever that reason, there should be no fear about stepping inside to shop for the first time.

Aldi has been around since 1961, where the first store was opened in Germany. Aldi US has been around for 40 years. Started as a small family business by the Albrecht brothers. They grew up with a family store that had to have competitive prices to stay in business.

Aldi has always believed in the best product for the best prices. There are no frills, but the products are quality and you can wake away with money left in your budget.

Aldi Carts Quarter

Always have a quarter on hand. – At Aldi, there are never any shopping carts in the parking lot. Why? Well, it takes a quarter to get a shopping cart. Everyone wants their quarter back, so people tend to return the cart to the bay. You get your quarter back and the parking lot is cart free! This allows Aldi to keep their prices low since they don’t have to have an employee fetching carts all day!

Aldi Shopping Bags

2. Bring your own reusable grocery bags – What types of bags can you bring? You can bring ANY bags!  You can also use boxes from the store,but I usually bring my own reusable bag. Aldi also will sell you a paper bag if you need one, but plan ahead and bring your own!

If you forgot to bring your bags, look for empty boxes throughout the store. Keep your eyes peeled for them. Often times my store keeps a stack of them on the counters provided for bagging your groceries.

You can purchase their Aldi bags for $0.10 a piece for plastic or $0.06 for paper.  I typically just keep my bags in the back of my car, that way I always have them on hand and I never have to “remember” them.


3. They offer what is called a “Double Guarantee”  Aldi will refund your money AND replace the item you bought. Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation! Luckily I have not had to use this guarantee, but it is great to shop somewhere that stands behind all of their products.

Here are the details from their website: “If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money. To receive the Double Guarantee, the product packaging and any unused product must be returned to your local ALDI Store Manager.”

aldi weekly ad

Shop Aldi Produce Sale.  Each week Aldi’s features their “produce picks of the week”. This is my favorite thing about Aldi – their produce! Not only is their produce typically cheaper than other local stores, but it tastes great! 

One word of advice; shop earlier on in the day for produce. While they are often replenishing produce by the end of the day most of the fresh produce is well picked over.

Shop Aldi Branded products. Did you know that many of their products are re-branded products? They buy overstock from other companies. Many companies (private label brands) are making products for ALDI. Really!!!  It is the SAME food that manufacturers make for other grocery store private label brands, as well as the many national brand. Did you know that 90% of of Aldi branded items are these private labeled items?

They pay for their own labeling costs.  By developing their own labels for unlabeled products, Aldi lowers their costs and in turn passes those savings to the consumer by providing products at a cheaper price.

 Do not Purchase Name Brand Items – Aldi is one place where you do not want to buy name brand products. These are almost always priced higher – not only higher than the Aldi brand, but higher than they would be at other local stores.  Aldi has its own brand in almost anything you want to buy, so this should not be a problem.

Aldi Organic food

Great Deals on Organic Products & Dietary needs – Aldi stocks many items in organic options. You can get carrots, apples and bananas that are organic. You have organic meat options in steaks and ground beef.

Adli is offering many great options for those who have dietary needs such as gluten intolerance.  In fact, within the last year they have increased their organic, natural and gluten free lines. Consumers have spoke and Adli has listened.

Their natural/organic line is called Simply Natural and their gluten-free foods are under the live gFree line.

Aldi continues to add products to the organic shelves, so be on the lookout for these items.

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BEWARE: Many Fraudulent Grocery Store Coupons Circulating on Social Media!!!

Many Fraudulent Grocery Store Coupons Circulating on Social Media!!!

It’s happening again. Every once in awhile we get HIT with many fake coupons that end up circulating through out social media. Over the weekend, there were many 40% off your entire purchase coupons for ShopRite. Aldi, Kroger and more found all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. etc.

All stores are commenting and confirming that each coupon is not real, but fake. If it is to good to be true it usually it. These coupons are scams and they (the scammers) are simply trying to fish (or dig) for your information so that they can sell it.

In this day in age, there are more and more scammers out there. So always be cautious when surfing the internet. To educate yourself on coupon fraud I recommend reading the article I wrote. Not only does fraud occur on the users side by on those trying to scam honest consumers.