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Learn some tips to organize and store Christmas lights and Ornaments this year. These tips will help to make decorating easier for next year.
Learn some tips to organize and store Christmas lights and Ornaments this year. These tips will help to make decorating easier for next year.

5 Ways To Store Christmas Lights and Ornaments

It’s that time of year again taking down all the holiday decorations and storing them until next year. I don’t know about you, but I’m always more excited about decorating for Christmas than taking down the decorations.  It seems like such an endless task and is a bit depressing to put things back to “normal”. Over the past few years I’ve found a few things to help make it less of a hassle.

First check your Christmas boxes and cull any ornaments/decorations that weren’t used this year and you don’t foresee using next year, unless they hold sentimental value. Set these aside for a garage sale next fall.

Group ornaments by theme, as well as by room and tree if you have multiple trees. We use a Christmas ornament storage box.  It is see-through and you can clear organize them by color or theme.  It really works well for us.

Christmas organiger

Wrap garland and lights around each bag or box to keep them from tangling. You’ll have to put the garland and lights on the tree before putting the ornaments on the tree next year anyway! You could also wrap them around paper towel cardboard or coffee/formula cans. The cans would also be a great place to store more ornaments.

Wrapping Christmas Lights

We have a pre-lit tree.  Makes a huge difference in putting up and  taking down our tree.  It also means less for organizing.  I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a pre-lit tree. 

Store other decorations in tubs or bags by room or area. We used to have garland and lights on our front door so I kept the garland with lights wrapped around it in a garbage bag labeled “front door”. In another garbage bag I had the garland and lights wrapped around it for our upstairs balcony. There was no guessing which garland was for which place and having to readjust lengths/lights to make them fit.

When things are labeled by room you’ll be able to take only the items for each room to decorate at a time. It’s less overwhelming than having all your Christmas decor out because you have to dig through nearly every box to find what you need for a room.

If you buy decorations during this year’s after Christmas sales, be sure to store them with the appropriate items for next year you’re likely to not find them when they’re needed. There were a couple of years when I had to go buy new hooks because I didn’t store the $0.10 packages I’d bought the previous year with the ornaments, or was finished decorating the tree when I found a couple of new ornaments I’d bought that no longer had a place on the tree.

Store Christmas candles, paper towels, napkins etc. with your Christmas decor so that you’ll find them when it’s time to use them and they won’t be taking up space in your kitchen for an entire year.

My husband used to hate getting everything out for Christmas. By being better organized I’ve managed to make it less of a chore and now he seems to enjoy decorating for Christmas a little bit. Who knows? Maybe he’s just learned to better humor me!

I hope that these tips for Store Christmas Lights and Ornaments will make your life a little bit easier.

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  1. My thing is collector ornaments out of each individual box and put back into each individual box. There has got to be a better way!

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