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How To Save Money on Printing Online Coupons

Printing coupons online can become costly if you are not selective about what you print.It seems that more and more we are printing coupons from the web. If you are spending more to print coupon then obviously it isn’t worth printing. I am hoping to help save you money with my top printing tips.


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Only print online coupons you think you will use

Online coupons normally have a short life span. Printing them for items you are not going to buy in the near future is a waste of ink and paper. Try to only print online coupons for the items you are going to buy within the next couple of weeks.

Only print in black ink

It is not necessary, or a requirement, to print your coupons in color. All stores will accept online coupons printed in black ink. Do not waste costly color ink on coupons. Also. w hen printing coupons from direct coupon websites (i.e . coupons.com, redplum.com, ect)  try to print three coupons at once. This will enable the coupons to be printed on a single sheet of paper.

Watch the printer

Cancel printing as soon as the coupon has been printed. Nothing drives me more crazy then seeing an advertisement or unwanted recipe being printed underneath my coupon. Not only does it waste paper, but ink too.

Set your printer properties

Setting the printer to print in the “fast/economical” mode will save on ink costs. On some printers, this is referred to as the “ink saver” mode or the “draft” mode. Plus, it prints faster and nothing says more savings then a freshly printed coupon.

Before buying a new printer

When buying a printer, always take into account the cost of replacing the ink and toner. Often times it will cost you more to own the printer based on the ink alone.

Additional Tips

  • After printing an online coupon, cut it out and save the unused piece of paper to print more coupons or use them as scrap paper for your “To do” lists.
  • Find out what shops in your area recycle cartridges and make use of them. Some stores also offer reward savings for returned cartridges when purchasing new ones.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for sales or discounted prices on printer paper. Make sure you take advantage and buy a couple of reams.


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