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Improving Your Budget has never been easier! Check out our great tips that will easily make an impact on your bottom line!

So you have your budget and are making progress, but you really do need to figure out ways for improving your budget. The big changes are definitely the hardest but have the big payoffs as well. However, there are many small things you can do that will impact your budget right away. Even the small things will make a difference and save you money. Here are some tips for improving and impacting your budget quickly.

Top Tips to Improving Your Budget Overnight!

First of all, give yourself credit for all the things you are doing right. Look at all the good decisions you have made, and pat yourself on the back. Realizing that you are on track and doing well is a great positive motivation to keep going.  Improving your budget is important for financial freedom and security.  These tips will make it much easier to manage.

Don’t forsake entertainment and having fun.

If you’ve done your budget, then you have allocated some ‘fun money’. There are plenty of frugal ways to have a good time. If you have a dollar theater in your town, make use of it. Sure, they may not have the newest movies, but if you are taking the whole family you can save a bundle. If you use something like Redbox, you can get emails or texts with savings almost every week.  You can also use your Amazon Prime membership, Netflix, or Hulu to stream movies and shows.

Dine out sparingly.

Sometimes we see steak at the grocery store and don’t want to spend the money. If you consider how much it costs when you go to a restaurant, you may realize that cooking a special dinner at home is a bargain still. If you want to go out and try a new place to eat, use sites like Groupon , Living Social, or Amazon Local to get great coupon deals. You will usually pay 30-50% less than the regular price, so no need to feel guilty about a little splurge. Plus each week, don’t forget to check out our weekly round up of current Printable Restaurant Coupons.

Shop the sales within reason.

Improving your budget means saving money in every way you can think.  If you have a necessary purchase to make, then deals sites or mailed coupons are great. However, if you do not need something, it is best to just not even look. Stay away from the online sites and toss the catalogs or coupons you get in the mail. These are just temptations that can interfere with your financial plan. Planned buying is fine- impulse buying is not.

Track your purchases.

The last thing is to write down all of your ‘miscellaneous’ purchases over a two week period. We are accounting for our big expenses, but the little ones can be a drain on our budget as well. You may be surprised at how much these little purchases will add up. This does not necessarily mean that you need to stop all your spending, but if you are aware of it, you may decide to cut some things out. One of my favorite ways to track my purchases is by using Quicken Books. This program really makes budgeting and tracking painless. Plus, you can pull your on reports to see how you are doing financially.

You have come a long way, so give yourself credit. Just realizing that you need to focus on improving your budget is a great start.  Budget changes over time will help you to make adjustments along the way and not be as hard to keep up with. These small tips can make a big dent in helping you stick to and improve your personal budget quickly. Always improve and never give up- you can do it!

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Top Tips to Improving Your Budget Overnight! — 3 Comments

  1. Forget paying for Redbox. Use your local library to check out FREE DVD’s of your favorite movies, cartoons and How to videos for kids and/or adults. Recent releases are available too! Not only are the dvd’s from your local town library available but the entire “system wide collection” is available to choose from online through your own libraries website. Plus any library will ship free to yours for close pick up! It’s great for a snowy day marathon. Catch up on a tv series everyone is talking about -you get a whole season at a time! Or have a classic movie night and invite friends over. Do a dessert night or potluck.

    For addtional savings I got rid of cable. Now I only pay for internet service @ $14.99 a month. I only use Hulu.com for the few tv shows I watch. It’s free (or they have a paid montly service). And then I head to my library for my weekly movie selection – generally 5 at a time – unless I pick up a tv series (which includes 4-6 disks at a time).

    • Thanks Tillsonian. We do this as well. But when we want a new release we turn to Redbox. However, that is when we have a free code. Frugal minds. That is great about Hulu.com. I should have mentioned streaming services. Our family uses Roku. It does save a ton. Thank you for your comment. I know this will help other with their budgets.

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