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Get cash back on all your retail spending... Join this FREE site Topcashback

I don’t like getting money back,” said no one ever.

Everyone likes getting free stuff, or getting paid to do nothing. That this is exactly how we like to do it! Cash back shopping is one of the best inventions since the invention of online shopping.

TopCashBack – Get Cash Back on All Your Retail Shopping!

Everyone it seems to be turning more and more to online shopping than purchasing in store. For many reasons. Whether you are shopping online to make it simpler for yourself, avoiding the crowds or better yet just shopping in your pj’s with a cup of hot cocoa for a relaxing evening; As it stands, more and more people are choosing to shop online.

There are many site that offer cash back on groceries and now more programs are turning to cash back  offers on retail purchases. One of my favorite cash back programs is called “TopCashBack”.  This program is not new and has been around for a few years.

In fact, I have highlight this app last year when I wrote an article about “Must Have Money Savings Smart Phone Apps”. TopCashBack currently works with over 3500 retailers. This number is continuously growing as more and more retailers want in.

What is TopCashBack?

Is the highest rated user friendly retail cash back site. The beauty of TopCashback.com is that the name is straightforward. TopCashback gives you the most cash back out of any cash back website. I’m signed up, and I think you should be too. Here’s why:

  • You NEVER have to change the way you shop to grab a good deal.
  • As stated on their site, you will receive the HIGHEST
  • You can cash out at ANYTIME. Most cashback sites require a minimum to cash out.
  • They are ALWAYS advertising NEW Promotional Offers


How Does TopCashBack Work?

TopCashback has no annual administration fees, meaning it’s free to use  – remember to downgrade before the trial is up otherwise you’ll automatically be charged for a year’s membership.

  1. Login or sign up as a new user. (You will only have to do this once.)
  2. Type in the retailer you are looking to save money on
  3. Then Tick your desired advertised deal for that site
  4. SHOP to your hearts desire


It literally just takes a few seconds to complete a few extra steps. “15 seconds could save you an extra 15% off” HA!!! I know this isn’t Geico  commercial, but HECK TopCashback will save you some cash.

No Matter is you are an occasional online shopper or a heavy user of the internet. It is absolutely worth having an account and checking it prior to making any purchases. Don’t forget to save the link into your favorites or bookmark it. Either way, you’ll be pumped about the cash back rewards you see from Topcashback.com

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