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Did you know that every area and paper get different coupons? This is what we call Regional Coupon Differences. Why do we get them? Learn here

Do you know that we receive “Regional Coupon Differences” in coupons every week? I know you are probably thinking;  “Why does this happen?” There is a very simple explanation. Perhaps a better title for this article is “Why didn’t I get the coupon that everyone else got in their paper?”

Manufactures will provide regional coupon difference as a marketing tool. Based on your part of the country and spending/purchasing for that area you will get a value based your marketing area. In my area I tend to get not so great General Mills coupons, but we ROCK in other areas.What Are Regional Coupon Difference

What are Regional Coupon Differences

Do you know why we receive those “Regional Coupon Differences?” Regional coupon differences are the coupons that vary from paper to paper across the country. This can happen for two reasons:

Manufacturers release different coupons in different areas of the country.

Which is why some of our newspapers don’t even get the coupon listed…because sometimes we don’t get a certain coupon at all. In Fact, coupons can vary slightly by regions in or even by counties. For instance, my mom will give me her left over coupon stack and I already know that I need to be careful going through her coupons. She either will receive a few different coupons from mine or not even get them.

Manufacturers will sometimes release a different dollar amount for different regions.

Every Thursday we post the Coupon Insert Preview. Those are the coupons (on a national level) that are expected to be in the upcoming Sunday paper. Well…then the Sunday newspaper comes and we find that some coupons are NOT THERE…or are in DIFFERENT AMOUNTS!! The Coupon Insert Preview is just that a preview of those coupons that maybe coming. I use it as a tool to gauge what will be expected.

In our area we have two newspaper companies: The Daily Gazette and The Times Union. The question always comes up, “do their inserts vary (in value & coupons received)?”. Yes and NO. If you are purchasing both papers from your region they will have EXACTLY the same coupon inserts (same coupons and same value amount)  BUT if you are purchasing in a different region then expect slight differences.

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