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Phew!! You did it!! You just couponed your way into BIG savings at the grocery store. Now that your all done, your work at home has just begun. Check out these ways to save even more once your pantry has been  restocked.

1)      Remember to return to the store. OH Darn it, I forgot my coupon for the cereal that is on sale this week. Don’t panic you may still be able to buy them without the coupon and continue to save. If you left your coupon at home, speak to customer service or the manager prior to checking out. Some stores may allow you to come back with coupons in hand with your receipt while the promotion is still running to receive a credit back for the coupons discounted value.

2)      Do not forget to fill out those rebates. Did you know that about 40% of mail-in-rebates offered by manufactures are never redeemed. If the item you purchased came with a mail in rebate, do not forget to fill it out the form and complete the rebate requirements as instructed.

3)      File any extra coupons or new coupons found during your shopping trip. Go through your wallet and grab all those extra coupons (peelies, blinkie or tear pads), plus don’t forget those catalina coupons you received during check out. Staying organized will help you become a better shopper and saver.

4)      Toss any expired coupons. Sort through your coupons and dispose of any that have expired. Also, make  notes on product coupons that you would like to use that are near their expiration date. It is easiest to mark on your future shopping list, calendar or make a note in your smartphone a week prior to the expiration date to remind you to use them while they are still valid.


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  1. and last but not least, take your .19 Cheerios, Free Hambuger Helper and all those groceries that cost you next to nothing and you have enough stock of, to your local Town Senior Organization!! There is the food pantry, but you wouldn’t belive how fast this food gets sent to folks who can not get out easily!!

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