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Have you ever purchased lemons and had to throw a few out You had had all the intentions of using them and never did. Come check out how you can prevent that with these tips

Uses for Left Over or Extra Lemons

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons……

Have you ever purchased lemons and had to throw a few out? You had had all the intentions in the world to use them, but didn’t.  Or after squeezing the lemon juice from the lemon you toss the left over rind. Let’s explore other uses for left over or extra lemons that maybe floating around in your fridge.

Our family has come up with a few ways to use up our left over or extra lemons.  We use to keep leftover lemons in a container in the refrigerator. But more often than not, I found that they would go bad before I even had a chance to use them.What to do with those left over lemons

Freeze Them

After slicing lemons that I knew my family would not be able to use up we started to freeze them. Fresh lemon slices are so refreshing and lovely in a glass of water. A frozen lemon slice is like a lemon ice cube!  You actually get the same effect of having a fresh lemon slice in your water.  Over the summer, I actually sliced them up and froze all my lemon sliced just to keep my water a little cooler and tastier.

Freshen Up

We also  found out the our garbage disposable LOVES lemon rinds (Nom, Nom, Nom). Actually, we just love how it freshens up and cleans the garbage disposable. We place extra scraps in, run the water and viola. We have been doing this since we owned a garbage disposable.


Take extra lemon rinds and a little coarse salt (Kosher) to clean wooden cutting boards. If not taken care of properly, they can turn into a smelly (and in some cases, moldy) mess. Sprinkle the salt liberally all over the board, then slice your lemon  and use it to rub the salt into the board. The salt acts as an abrasive to lift stains and the lemon juice leaves everything smelling great.

How do you use your extra lemons??

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Have you ever purchased lemons and ended up thowing some out You hadl the intentions to use them, but didn't. See these tips that prevent waste


Uses for Left Over or Extra Lemons — 4 Comments

  1. My favorite way to use lemons is to squirt them over an avocado with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!
    My garbage disposal loves to eat lemons too!
    When we lived in California and had a lemon tree in the back yard, we used the lemons in place of tennis balls for the dogs. They loved the tennis ball tree, until they bit too hard into the “balls” and they got a mouth full of juice. :-))

  2. I love to use lemons (cut in half, or quarters) when I make stock. Roasting the meat scraps with your vegetable ends and scrapings and lemon gives it a really hearty flavour. After roasting, move to a large pot and fill with water, boil, strain and voila!

  3. You could also zest your lemons before putting them in the disposal and freeze the zest to use in recipes later.

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