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how to use coupons the wrong

Did you know that there is a wrong and a right way to use coupons? You think you may be saving money and in fact you really aren’t doing as well as you should be. There is a correct time and place for use. Coupons can save you loads of money if you are using them the correct way.

Here are FOUR ways you should not be using coupons:

1: You use them right away – I like to think of Couponing as an art. You heard that right! Timing is a crucial part of knowing when to use coupons. Sale cycles change frequently. Typically, every six to eight weeks, but can vary on select items; such as pizza. Frozen pizza for example goes on sale with major sports events. (i.e. The Big Game,  Basketball Tournament). You want to purchase your intended item when it is on sale (lowest possible cost) and purchase it in conjunction with a coupon. Don’t just use coupons because you have them, pair them with a sale.

2: You use them because they are about to expire – You are about to feed into the millions of dollars spent on marketing research each year by manufactures. By purchasing items just because your coupon are going to expire is saying to the manufactures, you are willing to pay for a product no matter the price. Just like sale cycles, coupons are also issued the same way. Pair them right.

3: You buy a particular item just because you have a coupon for it – Friends, just because there is a coupon for an item you would never eat doesn’t mean you have to purchase it. Do not let your coupons dictate the way you eat. You can still eat healthy and save money. There is absolutely no reason to purchase an item you do not intend to use, unless you plan on donating it (and the price is right or free).

4. You use them without setting up a grocery budget – Don’t coupon yourself into debt. I have seen it happen. Just because it is a good deal doesn’t mean you have to buy it (UNLESS it is absolutely FREE). If you don’t set up a monthly budget for groceries and are constantly purchasing items because “you can grab a good deal”, you can spend more then what you are taking in. Sticking to your budget, shopping the sale cycles and using your coupons can save you LOADS of money.


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  1. Now if I could just get away from trying to purchase items when I know my coupons are going to expire. Thank you for the tips

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