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Who says Eating Organic Foods has to mean expensive Use these tricks to cut your food budget and still buy organic. Eat Real Food on a Budget.

Tips To Buying Organic Food on a Budget

We want to eat healthier and have foods with no pesticides or preservatives, but  Buying Organic Food can be so expensive. What can you do to get that healthy food on a budget? There are many ways you can eat organic without blowing your food budget.Want to buy more organic food but on a tight budget. Learn how you can eating healthier on any budget

Try The Farmer’s Market

If you have a farmer’s market in your town or nearby, make a point of going. You will get local produce and most of it is organic (be sure to ask if you’re not sure!) Some grocery stores in my area have a ‘local’ section and I always find great organic fruits and veggies at a good price. Much of this produce can be frozen for later use, so stock up when you find a great deal!

To visit one of your local Farmer’s Market search here.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Many companies that sell organic items have a good presence on Social Media. Make sure to look for your favorite brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Being a social media follower will give you heads up on sales and special promotions, including coupons. Make sure you are also checking their weekly sales ad.

Use Coupons

Check out a company’s website for coupon deals, too. If you really like a brand or store, sign up for their email list. Whole Foods Market has coupons weekly, and your favorite store might as well. There are even coupon sites that focus on organics, such as Mambo Sprouts,  Common Kindness, Hopster.

Plus don’t forget to check Inspiring Savings weekly Organic & Natural Printable Coupon round up. Many coupons can be found on the products themselves in the store. Many stores will put blinkies or tear pads of coupons right by the products. So, keep those eyes peeled.

Do It YourSelf

With a little effort and research you will find that you can make a lot of products yourself. Try making your own granola and juices to save money. If your fruit gets too ripe, freeze it and then make yummy smoothies for the kids. Don’t forget to think ahead, if organic bananas are on sale, buy more than you will need for that week. When they are ripe you can freeze whole bananas for later use or make my favorite banana bread (then freeze)


Meat and dairy are worth paying a bit more for, since the risk of pesticides and antibiotics is higher. You can make your meat last longer by only using half of the amount needed in a recipe and then using organic beans to make up the rest. You will save money and get more fiber, too. Buy organic chicken, but buy the whole chicken and not the higher priced pieces. When you cook chicken, save the broth to make soups or gravy later.

Start out with small steps on your journey to go organic. You will find that you are able to stretch your dollar while still enjoying healthy and organic food. But the KEY to Buy Organic Foods on a Budget is to purchase those items that you can while on sale and with a coupon. Remembering to stock up on those items until the next sale.

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