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10 Secrets you don't know about ShopRite

It is not secret that I like to grocery shop at ShopRite. In fact (and my opinion) they offer very competitive prices and their sale prices are unbeatable. ShopRite is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the U.S. In fact, it is one of their secrets to success.

I thought you would want to know how this simple ShopRite stores makes shopping an easy and fun experience. Here are 10 secrets that you do not know about ShopRite.

10 Secrets You Don’t Know About ShopRite!

1.) Items that are priced with an end number of “7” Such as Egglands Best Eggs, 18 pk – $1.97 are a store specific manager special sale price. These manager specials will undoubtedly be unadvertised deals. There are many possible reasons as to why they are markdown in such a way. These store specific sales depend on a variety things, such as overstock of an item, expiration dates or new product packaging. Either way keep your eyes peeled, you never know what what deals you will find while out shopping.

2.) Did you know you  can “stack” a paper manufacture coupon with a ShopRite digital manufacture coupon? Stacking is the combination or the use of two different types of of coupons to get more savings. Typically, stacking occurs between a store provided coupon and a manufacture coupon. ShopRite’s online digital ecoupons are  manufacture coupons. In most cases “stacking” of two manufacture coupons is prohibited by the terms & conditions stated on those coupons. However, due to the coding of each type of coupon deduction of both will occur at the register. Stacking of ShopRite digital ecoupons is now addressed within their  ShopRite Digital Coupons FAQ section.

3.) All eCoupons that are advertised  in the store flyers have an unlimited amount of saves. Most ecoupons have a set limit of saves. For instance they are only provided to the first 5000 customers who “clip” that specific ecoupon. However, if the ecoupon is list in their weekly flyer there is no set save limit and everyone has the opportunity to use that particular coupon.

Please note that this was not the case with our recent “BIG Brand” Promotion. In fact, with all the ShopRite adverised ecoupons their website crashed and many were not able to save all ecoupons. This is not typical.

4.) You can only load 207 ShopRite Digtial eCoupon to your Price Plus Loyalty card. It is sad to say that you are limited to the amount of ecoupons you can save to your Price Plus card. It may seem like 175 is more then enough, but often times it is not.

5.) ShopRite is the only store in our area that truly utilizes the marketing tool called “Loss Leaders”.  You can read and watch this short video on what loss leaders are.  All I can say is TAKE ADVANTAGE of these deals. Each week you can find “Loss Leaders” on the first page of the ShopRite store flyer. Purchase those loss leaders, buy the maximize allotted limit, stock up and save BIG!

ShopRite app

6.) There is an APP for that! ShopRite offers a nice app that makes it easier to save you time and money. The side navigation makes it easier to get where you want to go, browse sale and coupon categories with a swipe, and view recipe information on one screen, helpful when making a recipe from your phone! Download for iphone: Download for android

7.) Shoprite offer a diversified range of foods – Asian, Latino, Organic, Kosher, Polish, Halal, Bangladeshi. Did you know they offer their own line of deli meats, cheeses and complements under a premium private label called Black Bear of the Black Forest. All Black Bear meats and cheeses are free of gluten and MSG, and are part of the NSRI – the National Salt Reduction Initiative.

8.) As mentioned before, ShopRite is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the U.S. It comprises almost 50 individually owned and operated affiliates with, in a recent count, over 296 stores. Most promotions are company wide, but there are many others that are not. If you live in the Capital District, NY you may be well accustomed to triple coupons and substitutions of items on sale when the shelf is empty. But if you live in Northern Jersey your store will provide you with a FREE product if the store tag price is rings up at the register incorrectly or use your reusable bags and get a $0.05 off per bag used.


9.) ShopRite is managed under a corporate and distribution arm known as Wakefern Food Co-op. Did you know that Wakefern Co-op created and operates the franchise for PriceRite Stores? PriceRite is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wakefern. So when you are shopping at either ShopRite or PriceRite know that they are both being operated by Wakefern. Most PriceRite stores are not found within the same region as ShopRite stores out of respect for each others businesses.

10.) You can feed your family  under $60 per week at ShopRite. I am living proof. In fact I spend $50 or less to feed my family of 4 each week by shopping at ShopRite. By utilizing their sales (including loss leader purchases), ecoupon stacking and meal planning I can feed my family with healthy and natural foods.

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