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If you family is like mine now have newly acquired over abundance of Halloween candy. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to find new and unique ways to use all the Leftover Halloween Candy. My favorite is to just eat it…but my hips say another thing.

This year there is no reason to let all that excess candy go to waste.  Right after my kids go to bed after having an evening full of fun I get right to work. The first is going through all that candy. I sort and make up little bags for Christmas (see #3). The I sort by solid chocolate I can use for baking (Mini Chocolate bars (see #4)…but all in all I have tried all of this helpful tips below.

Go ahead and try some of these ideas this year.

10 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Here are some fabulous ways to get rid of all that Halloween Candy

Trade it in at the dentist.

Many dentists across the country do a Halloween Candy Buy Back.  In exchange for kids’ Halloween candy, dentists give out healthy rewards like toothbrushes, stickers, small toys or even small amounts of cash.  The dentists then donate the candy to members of the military. I just found out our local dentist is participating.

Donate it to the troops.

If you aren’t interested in stopping to see the dentist, you can send Halloween candy to U.S. troops through an organization like Operation Shoebox or Operation Troop Treats

Put it away for Christmas.

Most candy can last longer then 6 months or more without an issues. Take some of that candy and put it away for the Kids Christmas Stocking. Just be careful not to grab the ones marked for Halloween. (the kids are smart and will figure out your frugal ways)

Use it for baking.

Use hard candies to decorate cakes and cupcakes.  Bake chocolate or peanut butter cups into cupcakes or cookies. M&M are great in cookies.

Freeze it for later.

Chocolate freezes well, and you’ll be less tempted to break open the bag and eat it until you have the proper occasion for it or eat it on the go. Did I mention frozen Twizzlers are my Fav.

Make your own trail mix. 

Turn your leftover candy into a fun, creative trail mix. A little bit of candy goes a very long way with all the healthy extras. A little sweet find is always fun in a handful of nuts and fruits.

Use it to make Gingerbread houses.

This is our personal favorite. Each year we collect out favorite Halloween candy and place it in a separate bag marked for favorite house creations. It is so simple to make on your own. We always enjoy watching the kids making their houses special.

Use it to Educate.

Match, Sort and Count your way in to Math fun. Make counting fun with treats. How many rectangle candies, How many round, which ones are chocolate? The list goes on.

Drink it up warm.

Melt chocolate in warm milk for a yummy hot chocolate drink.  Fun for the kids after a full day playing outside in the cold.


I typically don’t like to give out rewards, but kids do love them. Did they have a good day behaving or using it as a prize after having a family game night.  Leave random pieces of candy for your kids and spouse to surprise them.

What are some FUN ways you enjoy disposing of your Halloween Candy?

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