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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets And Degrease All Naturally — 16 Comments

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  3. That’s an excellent idea. Now that it’s clean, fold newspaper to fit on top. Cleaning next time will be easier. All the gunk settles on the paper so you simply toss and clean the edges. I’m glad you didn’t see paper when I cleaned them recently. YUK

    • I think that you might be a little bit better off with plain old parchment paper or even plain paper towels simply because when the grease and humidity kick in, the newsprint will transfer to the cabinet.

  4. They may not have discovered a cure for the common cold, but I found something almost as good. My kitchen cabinets are finally clean and it didn’t take me half a day to accomplish this feat. All it took was a cup of vinegar and one half cup Borax mixed in to a gallon or so of water. Thank you for this fabulous idea. You got my new year off to a good start. I will be checking for further tips. Thanks once again.

  5. Thank you for making my MONTH- I’m leaving to visit family in a week, and have been considering calling Merry Maids first….looking @ referrals, called 1 cleaner who said we can do everything, but first I’ll visit and give you an estimate of hours/staff needed…freaked me out!! Want to do this before I leave , and come home to CLEAN!! Will let you know outcome!!

  6. Can this mixture of vinegar & Borax be used on the outside of real wood cabinets or should I use some other natural cleaner? Can you send me a email with an answer.

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