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Learn how to save more money at Target by finding bargains within their clearance sections. Here are some tips you will need to know before you go shopping.

Learn how to save more money at Target by finding bargains within their clearance sections. Here are some tips you will need to know before you go shopping.

Learn How To Find Target Clearance Bargains

Shopping the clearance sections at Target can always be lots of FUN, but do you know How To Find Target Clearance Bargains. It is one of my favorite stores to find bargains. You never know what great deals you will find. Sure they have your everyday prices, but just lurking down those aisles are RED tags just screaming “Look at ME! I am marked down”.

All Target inventory goes through a markdown phase that is in set increments. Those increments are as follows; 15%, 30%, 50%, 70% and so on, up to 90%.

How To Find Target Clearance Bargains

Do you know where your clearance sections are at your Target store?

Most are found at the end caps of each aisle, but sometimes they can be found hiding on shelves in plain site.  The next time you are in Target, take a look around and get familiar with your store.

How To Find Target Clearance Bargains - target clearance Tags

(In this image the top right number circled is the percentage off. The number to the right is what you are paying now with that discount)

Target will mark down their products frequently. If you are watching an item and see that it has been discounted to 30% – 50% off, you can try to go back in another two weeks to see if it has been marked down further. But keep in mind, someone may just nab it at that price.

Target typically further reduces unsold clearance merchandise every two weeks once the markdowns have begun, but this can vary based on region, amount of unsold inventory, and manager discretion.


Take Advantage of Target Store Coupons or Cartwheel Discounts.

Last year, I spotted a pair of jeans marked down on the clearance rack for $5.98. (THAT WAS A STEAL all by itself). On top of the discounted price, I had a Target Store coupon for $3 off any denim purchase. Guess what? I walked out with a pair of jeans for just $2.98. Before heading to the store, check out Target’s website for coupons. Target allows stacking (using one manufacture coupon & one store coupon on an item) which is a huge benefit.

Understand How Items Get Marked Down

All BIG Clearance Sale run on a cycle. Target routinely marks items for clearance near the end of a season as well as post-holiday and during their semi-annual big toy clearance sales. For instance, the big toy clearance happens at in late January and the end of July/early August (on a Thursday) every year. Mark your calendar and start paying attention to mark-downs prior to the sale.

How To Find Target Clearance Bargains - Clearance sign

Signs Aren’t Always Correct

Finally yet importantly, do not judge a clearance by its sign. If you keep on walking because the clearance sign only reads 15% off, you may be missing out.  The fine print typically says 15% OR MORE and you’ll often see steeper markdowns upon closer inspection, intermingled with the 15% off goodies.

If you question a sale price, look around for a price scanner. Give it a shot. Sometimes the clearance team misses an item that should have been re-stickered with a lower price (It has happened to me!).

Time for a exploring expedition at your local Target Store! Don’t forget your coupons!!

Other Ways To Save BIG at Target

Sign up for the Target Redcard

This is NOT a credit card. It is a debit card just for Target that syncs with your bank account, AND you save 5% off on all purchases. I love this. Since I am shopping at Target anyway, why not save an additional 5% off? You even save 5% off grocery items too. The only thing to keep in mind is that it takes a few days for the money to come out of your account.

Download the Target “Cartwheel” app

It has tons of coupons in it that can be stacked with sales and manufacturer’s coupons, making for some awesome deals. And Yes, you can stack a Target Store coupon, with a paper manufacture AND a Target Cartwheel discount all on one item, if applicable.

Price-match to Amazon

Target will price-match anything in store to Amazon. You just need to take the item to the service desk, along with the Amazon app showing the price and bam! they will match it. Even better, you can still use your Target red card to save more money.

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