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Looking for the best cable deal to lower your cable bill is something many do when it’s time to cut back on their budget.  We have given you some of our best tips below to help save you money and give you extra money in your budget while not sacrificing your favorite entertainment source!

Best Cable Deal To Lower Your Cable Bill are just a phone call away! Check out our tips for how to negotiate a lower bill without sacrificing your favorites!

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the hunt for other ways to cut costs. There are very few monthly bills that are negotiable after your monthly payment has been set in writing. Cable service is like personal banking. You find a service you like and stick with it, even if the price goes up. Your cable provider is making BIG bucks and with every increase in price they are establishing better promotions to gain more customers. AWE, the competition factor.

Best Cable Deal To Lower Your Cable Bill

One little secret the cable company doesn’t want you to know; They do NOT want to loose your business. It is more of an expense for them to loose you to a juicy promotion from another company. After all, you have been steady income for most likely years. Now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you do??? Grab your phone and call your cable provider to get the best cable deals available.

Cable companies offer many promotions to the NEW customers. Most people think they are a one time deal. That’s not true. Your cable company offers many incentives to keep current customers around. Each cable company has their own set of promotional offers. I found in my own experiences that these promotions are typically good for an entire year for existing customers.

Why don’t they offer these promotions to existing customers? Of course they don’t want to offer all their promotions to every current customer. They would truly loose money.  Some of your neighbors will continue to pay full price and not complain. But not us, we are frugally smart consumers.

Before you Call:

Look at your numbers, be realistic about your numbers. For example: You want to be paying as much as you did last year or reducing your bill by $20 a month.

When you call, the magic is to be honest and let them know that you are in search of saving money for your family and that you are researching your options. That will really get them moving. Let them know that you have been a current customer for XX amount of years.

Don’t just jump on the first offer the customer service rep throws at you. I know it is exciting to hear that you can actually save some dough. But chances are they have an even better promotion out there. Keep your numbers in the back of your head. You’re not being sneaky, you’re being smart.  Many providers offer less-expensive packages with fewer channels but don’t advertise them widely.  These are the best cable deals that you are looking for.

Each cable company has their own set of promotional offers.  My family was recently placed into a promotional offer for 12 months, we are saving $30 a month and they also gave us 250 channels of digital cable as well. That is their current promotion at this time.  We are now savings an extra $360 a year, plus enjoying digital cable as well.  I will take it.

I cannot guarantee that your cable or internet provider will give you any type of discount, but it doesn’t hurt to try. And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As you make phone calls to negotiate your bill, keep these tips in mind.

Other Cable Lowering Tips

  • Word of advice, grab your calendar out. Jot down the date of your phone call and when you will need to call again next year. They will not always tell you when your current promotion is over.
  • Do NOT talking to the BILLING department ask for the customer solutions department. The billing representative is very limited and only know of the current promotions that are available to NEW users.
  • The customer solutions department Phone (for Time Warmer now Spectum) is 1-866-892-0019. The phone call just takes a few minutes.
  • Don’t know the customer solutions department for your cable/internet provider. Call your billing department and ask.


After you call, Share you discounts with us. We would love to hear how much you saved from a phone call.  Finding the best deals on cable just requires a little bit of work on your part, and a few phone calls.  The next thing you know, you’l be saving tons of money each year!

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  2. I’m single and living in an apartment. My computer is in the living room. I watch online TV using Hulu.com (it’s free but they have a paid service), tv show websites (like Discovery,HGTV, Food Network) and on Youtube occasionally (Love Boat, anyone?). Plus I rent Dvd’s from the library only. With the computer and my dvd player in the bedroom my media bill from Time Warner is only 14.99 a month. How’s that for some great savings? : )

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