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How To Keep Fresh Flowers Lasting Beautiful Longer

How To Keep Fresh Flowers Lasting Beautiful Longer!

Fresh flowers are simply beautiful. Nothing brightens a room quite like a vase of fresh flowers. Even though most bouquets come with a little packet of fresh keeper our flowers are still not lasting as long as we like. I have found that even with the use of that little packet flowers start to wilt in just days.

My Aunt Rose is a professional florist. She share with us some expert tips to keeping your flowers lasting beautiful for much longer. Flower on average will last a week, after that point they will start to wilt. Carnations and mums last slightly longer since they are a hardier plant.

Before you Display in a Vase

Cut stems under water 

If you need to cut the flowers to fit inside your vase. Fill your sink with water and cut them under water on a 45-degree angle.

Remove Bottom Foliage to Prevent Decay

By removing foliage on the bottoms of stems will help keep flowers lasting longer. Those extra leaves will need water to upkeep, but they don’t add any elegance to your display.  Plus any leaves left in water will cause the flower to wilt quicker.  These leaves provide bacteria a nice habitat (remove the surface area – less is better)

Remove ANY Petals that are wilting

 Essentially this just makes your bouquet look fresh. No one wants to leave dead petals on their flowers.

Support Flimsy Flowers and Stems

When working with stems that are flimsy or heads of flowers that tend to droop (such as tulips and roses), slip a clear straws on the stem to give additional support and push quilt pins down into the the middle of the flower head to hold floppy flowers upright

Use Fresh Packet

If you floral arrangement came with a fresh packet make sure to mix in with fresh water. This little packet is filled with nutrient rich plant food that will keep your flowers looking beautiful.

Use A Clean Vase

Always use a sparkling clean vase that has been washed in hot, soapy water and rinsed well. This will help remove any microorganisms.

Once Displayed

Keep flowers in cool area and not in direct sun

Too much warmth or too little sunlight will make the flowers wilt quicker.

Make sure the water is clear

 If the water gets cloudy, put fresh water and re-cut stems about and inch. Cloudy water mean bacteria is building up.

I have heard that adding a two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or even a penny to the water may make them last longer. I personally have never tried these methods, but hey you never know. It is worth a shoot.  Now you’re ready for all those gorgeous Springtime flowers! If you have life-extending flower tips that have worked for you, we would love to hear them.


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