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kids heading back to school and you need to save money on lunches. Check out these money saving ideas

Although it may seem obvious to most of us, convenience is ALWAYS more expensive.  As we prepare to get our kids ready to go back to school, snacks and school lunches can seem to be a chore.  That is why more parents choose to purchase pre-packaged items or send the kids off to school with extra cash.

Saving On Back To School Lunches

Spending less than 30 minutes over the weekend packaging your own food can be healthier for your family while saving you money. Luckily, this doesn’t need to be a struggle, and with a little planning and preparation, your kids will be singing your praises – and so will your wallet.

Buy And Plan Your Kids Lunches Ahead Of Time

When you are planning your weekly shopping lists scope out sales on the items you know your kids will eat & love. Just like meal planning for dinner each night. I find it easiest to scope out the sale on Sunday and jot down those sale items and stock up on those items that are at their lowest price point.

Get Creative

Don’t buy the variety packs or single sized items.  Instead, purchase large family sized bags and package them into single servings yourself. Even better, go ahead and prepare a week or two worth in advance in zip lock baggies. Or Use fun reusable containers that your kids will enjoy eating from. The convenience packs will always be more pricier than their bulk counterparts.

Fresh is Best

Don’t buy pre-cut veggies & fruit. You can spend up to 50% more just by buying them. Instead, purchase uncut versions and prepare yourself. Plus, always buy produce in season. It is dramatically cheaper.

Think Outside the Box.

While it may not work for some, reusing a BPA-free bottle and filling it with your choice of drink, instead of purchasing juice boxes can save you a significant amount of money. It also, may present to be an issue if you need to refrigerate.

Fill Your Freezer

There are plenty of perishable items out there that freeze great and work well in a lunchbox.  You can freeze bread, lunch meat, potato chips, cheese and several kinds of fruit among other things. So, if you find a great deal, stock up and fill your freezer.

Combining these tips with the deals  found at your grocery store can help eliminate the stress and panic often experienced in the morning of a school day. Let’s cut back on your spending and leave more time for all the other activities brought on by a busy school year.

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