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Make Christmas More Enjoyable This time of year is the worst for everyone. Lets Just take the stress out of Christmas

Make Christmas More Enjoyable This time of year is the worst for everyone. Lets Just take the stress out of Christmas

Take The Stress Out of Christmas!

With Christmas around the corner, how can you avoid the frenzy and reduce the stress that always seems to creep in?  It is so very easy to get wrapped up in our moments of stress and not the bigger picture. I want to really zone in and help you decrease the stress, this way you can focus in on what is most important. These tips will help you have less stress during the holiday season.

Just Do… Less

Ask yourself, “What will happen if I don’t do this?” If it really won’t be that important, skip it.

Don’t want to do Christmas cards, but still want a personal touch?

Reach out and call someone. Old-fashioned phone calls are a nice chance to catch up with old friends or distant family.

Have a group of friends that usually exchange gifts?

Get together for a nice lunch or do a cookie exchange. If gifts are important, try a White Elephant gift exchange instead of buying new items.

Eat a candy cane

Yep, I just did say that! The smell peps you up instantly. Peppermint also has the side benefit of soothing an upset tummy that can sneak up on you during this busy time of year.

OH NO!! Another sweater?

Don’t give Aunt Helen another sweater. Instead, treat her to a movie or concert. Same thing goes for kids. Why not take them to a show after the holidays? Studies have shown that people appreciate and remember gifts of time and shared experiences.

Wrap gifts as you go

Use sticky notes to show who the gifts are for. At least you will have the hard part done, and you can always add gift tags and bows while you are watching your favorite TV show.

Cooking? If you are hosting a meal, consider doing it Potluck style

Maybe you provide the main dish and have others bring the sides and dessert. Prep ahead for whatever you are cooking to save time. You want to be able to enjoy the company of your loved ones, and not be stuck in the kitchen, or just too tired to enjoy the holiday.

Keep decorating simple

Enlist the kids to collect branches and pine cones. Not only will you get some simple but beautiful décor, you will also keep the kids busy for at least an afternoon! Spending time with your kids and starting new traditions is really what is most important.

Remember to breathe, and take a minute every day to just do nothing

Try to do something nice for someone else. A little random act of kindness will put you in the Christmas spirit and bring happiness to your heart that will not allow stress to intrude.

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